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The loss of network sale
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[net of Chinese network sale] the arrival of digital economy, the commercial pattern of a lot of to the whole world domain arose to overturn the gender affects; among them one of was to generate network sale mode of this one brand-new sale. Engine of email, search, play advertisement giving form to wait to make burgeoning advertisement instrument, make the sale shift of the enterprise more essence of life is accurate, and reduced sale cost; greatly however, 6 years in September, by the netizen the “ China of initiative composition turns over ” of scampish software alliance court of northerly Beijing Haidian submits petition, the; of shift of shocking network sale that sues concerned website caused a national “ to turned over ”; of scampish software motion to cause the whole nation to fluctuate from this the attention that to network sale this begins sale pattern anew. We see, while a lot of enterprises are enjoying the privilege that burgeoning network technology brings to the top of one's bent, lost the way of sale however.
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One of loss: The hit is king. The website is measured in Internet at present the most important level of welcome degree, it is the hit of the website. The website with tall hit, representing client group extensive, suffer a society to welcome degree tall, get more easily consequently the favour of home of venture capital investment, also conduce to an enterprise raising its the consequence in course of study of person of the same trade. The hit of the website is so important, so that a few enterprises took a variety of special rule steps,have network sale. According to the investigation on a net that Beijing network guild announces, the netizen that has tens of thousands of informs against its computer to be installed forcibly to this association software, suffer browser hold sb under duress and cannot uninstall wait for; and actually, the netizen that suffers this kind of harrass is far more than this amount. The common characteristic of shifts of these sale of special rule network is: Not hesitate to be cost with sacrificial consumer interest, pass product information compulsively to consumer.

We must realise clearly, the ultimate goal of sale, it is to obtain the faithfulness of consumer to spend. All sale shift, contact customer and ought to obtain ” of consumer good impression the much channel, most extensively around “ this one target undertakes. “ turns over ” of scampish software motion to make clear, when the sale shift of the enterprise harmed consumer interest, this kind of sale is sure be failure.

Of loss: Technology of Internet of one-way communication; is communicated for enterprise and consumer offerred new form. Guest of electronic periodical, rich, RSS be used extensively at enterprise and consumer to communicate increasingly. The passed an enterprise to hope to travel information with these very effective medium of communication. What regret however is, while a lot of enterprises are fond of the information oneself to transfer customer, however oversight use Internet technology to encourage consumer to be communicated actively with the enterprise.
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