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Times of business affairs of mobile phone electron - the new option of network s
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[net of Chinese network sale]
Since the ding 2008 knock noisy, the spring breeze of times of business affairs of mobile phone electron has come, websites of countless business affairs of mobile phone electron if emerge is general, come to broad consumer between one night before.

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Since 2008, numerous mobile phone manufacturer values Internet market more, spread out the collaboration with Internet operation business in succession, but because be opposite of this place environment not familiar, and the resource that fails to use this place very well.

Before the network sale way that of all kinds website offers for mobile phone manufacturer, or is sale collaboration, or is propagandist service, but, if can link conduct propaganda and sale organicly,rise will the more sufficient dominant position that develops network resource.

Net of 100 letters mobile phone (100 letters numerous couplet) the network sale pattern that the “ net that raise sells · information to build · appreciation to serve supportive ” three-dimensional an organic whole, it is one kind sells the network the sale of a kind of network that publicizes photograph union with the network mode.

The net that mentions in this mode is sold is a website square the means with manufacturer accredit, manufacturer is opened to sell store continuously in the website, the website just helps manufacturer finish the product introduction with consumer, provide advisory help, of facilitating order reach, announcement manufacturer finds to buy machine fund and supervise and urge deliver goods. The client hits a paragraph to give manufacturer directly, manufacturer delivers goods directly consumer.

Information construction. Manufacturer of a lot of mobile phones has his website introduction product, but review this kind of website to only love of Nuojiya, Motolora, SamSung, all alone, Topod is waited a moment in the market the brand with very good sales volume, its government website just has better site to visit a quantity. That is to say, market atmosphere is bad, sale status not the brand of beautiful, its government website cannot finish the job that the product publicizes on Internet, the promotion that cannot be new product provides a help. Accordingly, the mobile phone manufacturer that values Internet conduct propaganda and website operation cooperate just to appear very important.

The manner that the mobile phone website of different type publicizes to making news for manufacturer is disparate, earn the website of business affairs of mobile phone electron such as the net (pure mobile phone is sold kind website) do not do information to publicize the job for mobile phone manufacturer usually, perpendicular portal website is opposite the mobile phone industry such as net of 100 letters mobile phone to publicize some collecting fees at this kind some does not collect fees, and rate is different, specific promotion service is different also. The website of great majority offers the issuance of flexible language and product model information.
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