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Who is the abracadabra of the door of sale of network of medium and small busine
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[net of Chinese network sale] network sale is close come two years a the most popular vocabulary, also be the sale mode with the most active medium and small businesses. Alleged network sale, a kind be target of sale of implementation of Internet of have the aid of brand-new sale mode. According to foreign authority investigation shows: The enterprise falls in the case that wins coequal profit, it is the 1/10 that traditional sale throws to the investment of the network, and the 5 ~ that information reachs rate is a tradition however 8 times.

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Well-known, domestic Internet popularity rate passes relatively low, far to the application of Internet not as rich as western developed country. When other abroad well-known company has begun planning network sale when, numerous medium and small businesses of home still is busying construction website. Additional, of medium and small businesses be not worth to the understanding of Internet from personnel of course of study, very dilettante also to the computer application in business management, short from knowledge of computer of personnel of course of study for the most part …… the existence of a variety of adverse elements, make the entrance door of network sale right all the time domestic medium and small businesses is shut closely.

In fairy tale story, once “ sesame seed opens the door the abracadabra of ” , to medium and small businesses, what is the abracadabra of the door that opens network sale?

the current situation with respect to domestic medium and small businesses, the network sale mode that medium and small businesses needs, be one is to know administrative post, meeting to type merely already, the network sale mode that can browse the computer of the webpage to operate a person to be able to have been used. More accurate say, the network sale of domestic medium and small businesses, need can touch the platform of surface of square field of intranet wind sale, and in the “ that motivation of look forward to rolls out counts trade Z” product, just satisfied the need of sale of network of domestic medium and small businesses. But, does “ count trade is Z” platform the abracadabra of the door that opens sale of network of medium and small businesses?

Might as well “ of motivation of the look forward to in looking counts trade the function of Z” platform. “ counts trade Z” platform is one compositive company promotion, client is collected wait for a variety of kinetic energy with standardization of analysis, active sale, product the network sale platform at a suit, the price of contest of platform of administration of contest price ad that motivation of the look forward to in popularizing means to include rolls out the network of this platform conformity before this is connected, engine of mailbox of motivation of system of company level mailbox, short message, search is optimized wait for a variety of promotion to serve, offer time, district, effect to wait on this foundation multidimensional spent website statistic is analysed and extend decision-making proposal.
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