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Wang Laoji - - " contribution door " medium win the home greatly
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[net of Chinese network sale] on May 18, evening party of CCTV relieve the people in disaster.
Common people expect is before the television, no less than seeing spring late, just, this is a pathos spring late, from the program at the beginning, touch, tear is accompanying us all the time, from May 12 since the earthquake, the affection that everybody depresses hard all the time in the heart is engraved here got sufficient drain, popular feeling ran high below, with respect to need a kind of means is conveyed, however instantly does not have the way that can realize immediately again (what the evening party of relieve the people in disaster that same time Taiwan holds does in this bit is better, can hit contribution hot line to have contribute money, if,believe if CCTV also opens contribution hot line at the same time, total of money of that be apt to can exceed 1.5 billion far) , in this hour, in the person of the contribution on the evening party, enterprise natural metropolis makes the central point of attention.

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At that time, the sensibility of common people is more than reason far, who is contributed more, who embraces wholesale with respect to what get authority, who is ethical hero, this is one raises a brand famous spend and beautiful praise spent superexcellent hour, it is tremendous to the influence of the brand and far-reaching.

The enterprise of contribution is on a stage in succession, ranking order is a contributed little advanced face, contributes more platoon is from the back, begin 1 million, the 2 million attention that fails to cause everybody, because everybody has a level in the heart, to an enterprise, this is too bit less also, on the portion that missed to still be contributed at least in you, be not found out for the moment.

Become 100 million when appearing, the mood of everybody is moved to apogee, 100 million it is high level, common people thinks an enterprise abandons the business that this Mo is “ good ” then more, paying close attention to closely so is what enterprise contributed 100 million. When adding much treasure company to appear, did not cause everybody's resonance, because everybody had not heard this industry, do not know what this business does, tax an other company of 100 million, leave common people again it seems that too far, sunshine is for instance steely.

The evening party ends satisfactorily, the battle of test sale person did not end far however.

The following day, a card appeared on the net, the card is very short, with the identity of a common people, telling everybody to add much treasure is Wang Laoji, gave out to add the website of much treasure, for a short while, got of broad netizen chase after hold in both hands, add person of much treasure website to be completely suffer from. Adding much treasure so is Wang Laoji! Excited, surprizing, wang Laoji this original and famous degree of very expensive product, engrave here, produced intense resonance with numerous netizen. A lot of people show, go buying Wang Laoji immediately, and drink Wang Laoji later!
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