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Sina " content product advertisement " make exceed media platform
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[net of Chinese network sale] enter since 2008, each pace that big website quickened strategy of executive Olympic Games. All along composed sina, in the movement on product and content again and again, and strength is all-time.
In Feburary, WAP2.0 of net of mobile phone sina the line on colour edition; On March 28, sina space undertakes publicity a test, sina crosses SNS community territory formally from rich guest; On April 1 correcting of sina home page, more is achieved formerly board piece was placed home page; Subsequently sina rich guest 5 roll out, sina TV is luxurious go up line, sina demon Founder intensifies having in-house test; Meanwhile, sina still is developing Widget relevant product. Of product of sex of the look up before these having roll out, showed sina serves as the strategy of bibcock of Chinese portal network to point to clearly: Make a function the diversity with richer experience of more powerful, user exceeds media platform. This also will accelerate sina from “ content advertisement ” develops pattern to “ content product the deepness develop of advertisement ” mode.

Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM

On April 10, presiding apparitor holds sina concurrently president Cao Guowei is in sina · says on forum of Beijing of the 3rd kind of person: “ is in now a such timeses, of information getting platform do not have border, sina is on prospective strategy, will put content on Internet not just, also will extend to operating system of mobile phone, IPTV, TV, computer, even on the car. ”

This shows, sina 2 timeses had come in the round.

Media of sina “ much ” changes exceed media platform

Beijing Olympic Games is the superexcellent arena that China shows actual strength to the world, also brought unprecedented development opportunity for Chinese enterprise. The communication between different person, group, organization, enterprise, appeared 2008 piece complication, individuation and the demand situation that turn thick and fast.

It is with Internet exemple, after experiencing the rich guest agitation 2006 and the video height 2007, the development demand all the more from media is intense 2008. Sina should situation and move, rolled out numerous and interactive new product, pass applied conformity, aim to build what media of much ” of a “ changes to exceed media platform, in order to satisfy a client the avid demand to network sale. And the success application of sina rich guest can be media of much ” of this kind of “ change development posture to provide strong evidence: 2005, guest of sina intervening rich, make rich guest becomes a netizen to realize the masses platform of ego consequence. According to the newest monitoring data March 2008, the day that month all scans sina rich customer the quantity is as high as 309473187 person-time.

Cao Guowei thinks: “Web2.0 is not pair of Web1.0 replace, both confluence just is the feature of network media, also be the advantage place of network media. ” is in Web1.0 times, sina passes the content conformity of pair of traditional media, add fast, accurate, seasonable, authoritative story, show itself, become the leader of portal times, created the Internet media with Chinese strong main trend. As the confluence of Web2.0 and Web1.0, sina is sure to move toward media of “ much ” to change. This kind of trend will be spent in two dimension on implementation, the first dimension is spent is to much platform, much terminal direction is extended, include the terminal such as mobile phone, PDA, TV; The 2nd dimension is spent is the content show with new mining and product mode, include to sow magic square of space of guest, rich guest, sina, sina, even Widget.
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