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Shop is managed how to begin sale of this locality network
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[net of Chinese network sale]
Shop manages the basic problem that face:

Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information

Throw and yield:
Devoted: The building hires cost decorate charge stock cost cost the representative joins in cost salesperson salary charge of sales promotion presswork water charge of electricity is waited a moment.

Yield: Storefront is sold salesperson sale

So shop is managed

The basic problem that face sells goods quickly namely, accelerate capital have enough to meet need!

How to sell goods quickly?

Fast distributors tastes need:

1.Have cause client group

2.Let cause client understand commodity

3.Clinch a deal quickly through the other measure such as sales promotion

4.Defend old client, public praise conduct propaganda, sell again

Traditional pattern can await a client to come only, OK now Internet of have the aid of begins sale of this locality network to hit out actively, reap where one has not sown

How to begin sale of this locality network?

The first pace: Let potential client discover us

Let a client discover us through the means such as media, advertisement, the client of the data is potential cause client related active collect, how to let them finding us for a short while is the first pace. The search that can carry Internet is used to implementation, a Di amounts to Jinan of ”“ of shop of flower of Jinan of ”“ of shop of gift of birthday of Jinan of ”“ of gift of input “ Jinan think of Jinan of brand shop ”“ to presswork the keyword lock that the essence such as company ” locates definitely decides cause client group. Refer to button net (Www.0531.cc) plan of sale of search of accurate keyword of essence of life

The 2nd pace: Let the client understands conveniencely or buy goods

After the client finds information, click the business on the net that enters a businessman is spread or website, the price of commodity of OK and detailed knowledge and service perhaps are hit fold information to wait, can go to the lavatory next get in touch with the businessman. The inn of sincere letter flourishing that refers to button net solution

The 3rd pace: Reach collaboration
The client can be bought on the spot to businessman shop, business door also can come with free deliver goods, provide COD service.

Need watchful issue at the same time:

Conduct consumptive idea, do not want to be guided by ideal place

Shrewd businessman can use media dominant position, will conduct consumptive idea and not be be affected by consumptive idea place

Along with need and change, agile flexible

Do activity of sales promotion of good red-letter day, what need and change, the service such as coupon and free try out is being begun on the net is very good sales promotion strategy.
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