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Electronic business affairs: The sale breach with new medium and small businesse
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[net of Chinese network sale] recently, the author understands, in home the biggest sneaker produces river of base Fujian advance, numerous shoe look forward to appreciates in the RMB, raw material rises in price, especially below the multiple element influence that labor cost rises substantially, feel the profit space this year is narrowing ceaselessly generally.
Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information
Observe the personage thinks, this is an epitome of the dilemma that nowadays medium and small businesses faces generally, strengthen informatization construction, especially the application of website of electronic business affairs will be well worth doing, hopeful becomes disengagement one of strong tools of afore-mentioned pressure.

It is reported, network and electronic business affairs already were considered as the way that enterprise informatization develops. Develop the website of electronic business affairs of the enterprise energetically, mean an enterprise to be able to come true through the network trade, it is the enterprise simplifies the optimal way of content shedding, capital shedding, purchasing, a lot of link such as production and sale reduces cost, still will promote an enterprise service quality and product quality greatly at the same time, promote a product the price on certain level.

The salesperson of Guangdong some company tells the author, use intranet stand aside to postpone network sale, can quicken order processing, shorten production time, in a day in, can send goods in client hand inside 9 hours even, the acceleration that achieves fund have enough to meet need, still can undertake real time cost accounting to each order, raise quoted price then, shorten settle accounts is periodic.

Occupy not complete count however, the 20 % that our country realizes online enterprise to take all companies only - 30 % , the company that uses a network to develop management activity is fewer, the electronic business affairs of most enterprise still is released at information, collect, the phase of communication, of order for goods and contract sign formally, pay reach deserve to send wait for an activity to basically be returned undertake below the net. Under photograph comparing, internet of general have the aid of launchs American major company extensively business affairs activity, the business action that these enterprises have nearly 70 % is completed on Internet.

The expert expresses, business affairs of electron of domestic company development allows to weigh and the path is far, on one hand the government should rely on to guide, enterprise oneself needs to cause enough attention likewise, on the other hand, the quality that Internet foundation serves also wants to catch up with. The author is registered from domestic domain name reach a website interconnection of times of mandatory service business understands, website of business affairs of electron of construction of medium and small businesses is taller to dimensional requirement, most company him option buys VPS lead plane or the server undertakes mandatory, in order to satisfy the need of website operation. Go up in home market ” ” sound in, this company near future rolled out Chinese telecommunication computer room server is mandatory the favourable activity that is as high as 1000 yuan, aim to attract and promote medium and small businesses to build network sale platform.
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