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Advertisement advocate approve Yahoo not to listen to a client to suggest go to
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[net of Chinese network sale] report according to American media, yahoo is searching the with Google collaboration on advertisement, different reaction was caused in network ad industry, have ad among them advocate express, will decrease to cancel to be thrown in the advertisement of Yahoo even, because Yahoo does not have the opinion that listens attentively to them to undertake modification to advertisement system, what outside was being adopted simply however, wrap is politic.
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The Nick of popular science of associated author George · of the person that sell an estate line of business, DottedOnline expresses American network battalion, the collaboration of Yahoo and Google will the search ad business that complete “ destroys him ” . He expresses, yahoo searchs advertising to click quality to present downtrend, but look now, yahoo chose outside the bag gives Google, is not the opinion that before listening attentively to advertiser carefully, offers, undertake improvement to tiring-room software.

Nick says popular science: “ Yahoo wraps Google outside search advertisement, this is the message of a terrorize. ”

Nick says popular science, he uses the ad budget of 85% at Google at present, 10% use in Yahoo, 5% be in Microsoft. In the future, he plans to use the budget of 95% over Google, 5% leave Microsoft, do not buy ad extremely likely in Yahoo company.

Actually, the collaboration of Yahoo and Google has been in advertisement advocate caused in the group discuss. On the forum such as ” of “ stationmaster world, a lot of advertisement advocate discuss this one cooperation to them it is harmful advantageous still. Although popular science Buddhist nun overcomes hold waiting for a person,deny viewpoint, but also somebody expresses to foreground of Yahoo search advertisement hopeful.

An advertising person express on forum, the search advertisement system of Yahoo is not quite good, using the advertisement platform of Google to replace is a meddlesome affection.

Well-known is, according to tripartite statistic, the advertisement that searchs generation in every time clicks income to go up, the Adwords system of Google wants the Panama platform of far outclass Yahoo. Yahoo is high-key last year upgraded Panama platform, the result is your Yahoo high level however to one's great diappointment, face Microsoft to buy pressure, yahoo Google Adwords of condescend of can desolate Panama.

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