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Baidu network trades take advantage of an opportunity of platform action busines
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[net of Chinese network sale] on June 18, the Baidu of Chinese search engine with the greatest whole world (Www.baidu.com) the network below the banner trades platform enrols business plenary meeting to pull open heavy curtain in Beijing in the itinerate inside countrywide limits. As we have learned, this will be Baidu network trades the wholesale market before platform is released popularizes one of activities, this action business make one's rounds is exhibited still will growing trigonometry in succession, bead three-cornered core city is held, farther radiate extends city of class of other one or two.
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In recent years, chinese network trades the market grows at full speed, prospect of market of electronic business affairs by wide to value. The newest investigation report that issues according to hoping to seek advice May shows, in a year of in the past, assembly of Chinese network shopping market hands in the forehead to amount to 59.4 billion yuan, grew 90.4% before comparing one year, average per capita is used every year in the network to shop the consumption that go up is as high as 1080 yuan. Up to by 2007, the network of Shanghai and Beijing shops consumer has been achieved respectively in the permeability in the netizen 50.4% with 45.1% , compare with before one year, promoted severally 16% , “ is bought on the net east ” already predominate consumes kind, chinese net buys the market to move toward prosperity and maturity gradually.

And have a technology oneself through Baidu, the analysis that searchs a keyword to the netizen also discovers, baidu will accept the retrieval of above 1 billion times everyday, held very high proportion with the keyword related shopping information, goods news among them. The choice cuts a net to buy the market in this opportunity, it is a major interest apparently to Baidu good. Yu Jun of Baidu product vice-president expresses, the network of Baidu trades platform shops Internet of profound influence China to be used to and consume configuration, the development that is Chinese electron business affairs brings a powerful motive force.

Trade to the network that has not release platform, li Mingyuan of general manager of department of career of Baidu electron business affairs expresses, “ business door gain money, the member gets substantial ” is Baidu network trades the objective that platform pursues. He still discloses at the same time, baidu network trades the search survey data that platform relies on magnanimity, to trading flow undertook optimizing, those who buy the home browse, quite, buy experience general more unobstructed, and those who sell the home enter halt, management and sale also will more concise, we will devote oneself to “ make China's largest network trade platform, contented netizen is mixed the perfect expectation of business door, offer closer, more the electronic business affairs of sincere letter is exclusive service. ”
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