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Alibaba moves again electric business ecosystem shapes
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[net of Chinese network sale] 18 days, the ” of broadcast over a radio network of whole nation of ——“ of network advertisement product that company of the mother in the A that low-key all the time hibernate goes issued its strategy class, after integrated China Yahoo and public praise, alibaba is applied again eventually gave its “ the key of ” of sword of god of 6 arteries and veins, in order to overturn person the network advertisement field that the part entered extremely rich foreground, perfected whole Alibaba then the synergism of ecosystem of electronic business affairs.
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The mom in A is Alibaba the network advertisement that the group builds trades platform, aggregate those who exceed 400 thousand is medium small website and the rich customer site of nearly 200 thousand, the discharge of more than 2.8 billion is enclothed, the client can trade directly. And the ” of broadcast over a radio network of “ whole nation that rolls out this is a kind of brand-new network advertisement product, redefine in the value of small website, also gifted for the first time of China in value of advertising of small website brand, it is integrated and many in small website and discharge, recommend advertisement advocate make brand ad, at the same time fractionize website allows a gender with assuring essence of life, satisfied the requirement of brand of very much medium and small businesses.

Alibaba Liang Chunxiao of group vice president thinks, alibaba achieves the delegate of ” of enterprise of new-style “ zoology as China, its become the innovation that growing the mainest way for ecosystem is commercial pattern quickly. It is Chinese medium and small businesses with “ the service ” that market of this one fragment offers innovation sex is start, work up oneself distinctive ecosystem. Ai Rui seeks advice from a group to study wave of chief inspector Cao Jun to think, the mom in A also is the innovation of a kind of mode, basically reflect go up in two levels, effect of justice of a normative sex has on the system, advertisement was satisfied on the technology advocate the pursuit to fractionize advertisement media.

The product of ” of broadcast over a radio network of “ whole nation that rolls out this lets a lot of advertiser find everything new and fresh, showed the resource advantage of the mom in A adequately also. Jiang Zhijiang of vice-president of the mom in A introduces, the mom in “ A helps advertisement advocate the network ad that has optimization puts in, choose through having network advertisement resource, media value analysis is evaluated, advertisement originality plan, advertisement is released carry out reach a variety of means such as advertisement effect evaluation to help advertisement advocate implementation advertisement puts the effect on optimization. ” falls in the stability premise that assures discharge and user, help advertisement advocate find a target to suffer numerous, undertake essence of life allows to put in. The enterprise can use the rapiddest rate to release a network with relatively low cost advertisement and begin sale activity to get comparative tall result, obtain taller efficiency and sexual price to compare then.
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