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Baidu Hi is opened formally to the netizen register
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[net of Chinese network sale] to a lot of netizens, the appellation of ” of “ Baidu good friend may be the stranger ” with the most familiar “ .
A few days ago, “Hi” of instant communication software is in Baidu Baidu world plenary session appears formally, this product is opened formally to all netizens register, the search engine company that indicating this home is the famousest kills instant communication domain formally.

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According to the figure that Baidu discloses, baidu Hi from March 26 fair since measuring, user quantity is registered to already exceeded 1 million inside half month. Nevertheless, on plenary session of this Baidu world, baidu rejects to divulge newest register user number.

Shen Haoyu of vice-president of Baidu business operation expresses, roll out Baidu Hi purpose to depend on an user communicating urgent need, current, baidu Hi does not have material gain plan.

Integrated search and community

Notable is, baidu Hi is defined to be product of ” of key word of a “ by the company likewise, yu Jun of Baidu product vice-president expresses, “ is searched communication ” is direction of prospective Internet development, also be the basiccest principle in Baidu IM research and development

This, the Hi that Baidu rolls out is “Beta2” version, baidu Hi1.0Beta2 edition basically is right video communicates wait for a function to undertake optimizing, in addition still increase Baidu “ to know ” , “ clew of 100 divisions ” , and space of indication good friend is newest the function such as trends.

Accordingly before Baidu discloses, baidu is stuck, know to reach the community product such as the space to already expanded a number with 100 million plan community user, these users whether change Baidu Hi circle, the solution may be found after Hi is opened to the netizen.

According to Baidu product vice-president Yu army introduces, “ Baidu Hi” is divided have instant conversation, in group, the mainstream IM software such as the skin, expression is main outside the function, hi advocate the interface can undertake Baidu webpage is searched. In conversational process, the user can undertake the keyword is searched; Know in Baidu “ when the user the query in ” gets the result when, also can get instant announcement between Baidu Hi; In addition, when article of the good friend in Baidu space is updated, also can be in Hi most get an announcement first.

As we have learned, baidu Hi has been stuck for Baidu roll out official Hi group group, and sticking, space, know to wait for individual center page, the user can be initiated to the other side directly temporarily conversational.

” of “ interest group breaks IM regulation

The user is registered to already amounted to 700 million circumstance to fall in Tecent QQ, where is the opportunity of the Baidu Hi that still is 1 million class? Yu Jun advanced idea of ” of “ interest group, we discover “ , baidu community user gathers around a certain topic or interest drop mostly, build last relatively for a long time and stabilize relation catenary. ”
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