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New sale concept -- network sale
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[net of Chinese network sale] network sale is long-term, the integral activity that constitutes by the each sale activity of mutual connection: Website plan----The website is made----Interior is optimized----Website customer service----Network promotion----Integral sale----Initiative sale
Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM
Interior optimizes a proposal:
1, website content is daily newer,
2, publish a large number of articles, the technical knowledge with interest sex, attract more person that call in, make he lingers
3, the client lets have the feeling of be personally on the scene with three-dimensional means when undertaking introductory to the product.
4, seo is optimized
5, installation website monitors software, dog in the round website discharge

Network customer service suggests:
1, everyday 12 hours, longer even online customer service
2, improve the professional quality of customer service, (product knowledge, sell word art, communication skill)
3, online price is politic: The price privilege that can enjoy 8~9 to fold is ordered on the net, lengthen this client change long product time.
4, MSN, e-MAIL, phone consult, letter kind

Network promotionProposal:
1, promotion is made in each big search engine, (Baidu, Google, sina, yahoo)
2, exchange a link with website of each large trade family status
3, platform trades on the net (Alibaba, hui Cong) promotion
4, email promotion
5, forum promotion
6, web2.0 promotion
7, if likely, form alliance with large door website. Consult case: Name of Li Ning coronal Http://sports.163.com/ of Netease sports channel, sina and be able to bear or endure gram, sohu and how to step, QQ.COM and 361 degrees wait

Integral sale suggests:
Traditional sale and Internet photograph are united in wedlock

Initiative sale: (The net turns to fall on the net)
1, hypostatic storefront is sold
2, experience type is sold, conduct an activity for instance, the client meets the meeting
3, personnel comes to sell etc

Network sale place does more it is discharge turns sales volume, network promotion is the website that takes the client to us, network customer service is the hypostatic storefront that takes the client to us, say network and tradition should be one supplements each other so.

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