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The tendency of 11 big searches that block up Google develops
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[net of Chinese network sale] the ” of “ regnant position that searching the market as Google is strengthened gradually, the personage inside a lot of course of study thinks the game that searchs the market has ended, participator of market the others can gain an opportunity is in the foundation of Google aspirant travel is developed 2 times merely. Nevertheless, at present search market still is put in a few trends that change this one situation likely.
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A lot of poineering enterprises all realize, although acquire search market only the portion of 1% , also mean business to gain huge success. Accordingly, google future won't be beaten possibly by another search tycoon, however company of thousands of wife and children search gradually nibble.

It is below 11 cause percussive to search a trend to Google likely greatly.

Natural language searchs 1.

The user that has learned natural language search and artificial intelligence knows, the word such as “paris” and “apple” has a variety of meanings, google is opposite impossibly the divisional and different meaning in the search of onefold keyword. The development that searchs because of this natural language will be break at present the main motive force of the situation, code of this kind of search is more complex nevertheless, search cost is higher.

What 2. Internet searchs infrastructure is open

One of accounts that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are accepted extensively are them undertook enough search engine is optimized, nevertheless user of a few brims still faces dilemma. In addition, purchase a server by oneself and catalogue whole network to a lot of enterprises cost is too high. Current, yahoo, Microsoft and Yamaxun had opened Internet to search infrastructure to the outside gradually.

3. Yahoo Search Monkey strikes back absolutely likely

Search Monkey is the one share that Yahoo opens Internet to search infrastructure, nevertheless Yahoo has admitted to Google suffers a defeat below the circumstance that competes unlikelily in fairness at present. Nevertheless, yahoo takes such step likely: “ this is we develop finished part at present, welcome the attempt ” that anybody undertakes continueing to develop.

4. Vicki 100 divisions will continue gain attempt

The target range that Powerset of search engine company had narrowed in Vicki aspirant travel searchs 100 divisions, and Freebase also uses Vicki 100 divisions regard core data as origin. The structure of 100 divisions mixes Vicki standardization is very useful to search engine, and function of ” of its “ history can track data source, raise the reliability that searchs a result.

Technology of 5. core search still is in acquire investment

Technology of a few new-style searches still is in acquire investment, this one phenomenon and Google are searching the market alone big situation is not consistent. For example, blekko website acquires investment of 2 million dollar below the case that has an embryo only merely, and Cuill more obtained fund of 25 million dollar April. Actually, these investor are clever person, time will prove whether their move is right.
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