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Ming-million return on a small scale new high cost of network marketing miracle
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"By doing network marketing promotion, and now more and more customers can find me!" Hunan Changsha County Nursery vault within five days of the signing will not pass the examination receive millions of orders, the face of reporters conceal his excitement . Likewise, the Blu-ray Art Glass Co., Ltd. invested in a small cost within two months after they received a million orders, but also repeatedly praised, "In the past done a lot of Internet marketing, has no effect, but did a bang After the title, called an endless stream of advice! "

At present, how to reduce the cost of the premise, so the target audience more quickly find business and are willing to browse the content, so the smooth development of e-commerce, Internet marketing has become the most important progress in the process.

Recently, the Resource Alliance's business model adapt to the students, of which the Group set up by the Chinese Ming million B2B Alliance gained in the market, many enterprises at home. League selection and aggregation of Chinese B2B industry websites of high quality resources, information on various industry sectors to get through the artificial barrier. Union, the majority of SMEs through the application of the service, more convenient and efficient way to enhance its extensive in the industry chain exposure. It's one of the products, "pass the examination" through accurate and efficient marketing strategies for many companies are finding more potential trading opportunities, access to real profits.

Specializing in the production of long-pass PE beacon beacon equipment limited liability company, said: "Ming Wan Group by using the" pass the examination "products, in just a month's time we received nearly three million orders. Jinbangtiming, help us achieve the integration of resources, most small and medium enterprises is exactly what we need! "

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