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China real estate agent network marketing training Zhengzhou University Statio
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Training Time: November 24, 2010 (14:00-15:30 16:00-17:30) Training Location: Tao Li Yuan Hotel Organizers: SouFun second-hand housing group Zhengzhou Branch Trainer: SouFun second-hand housing groups such as co-general manager Wang Zhengzhou Branch SouFun second-hand housing group vice president of sales Lei Zhengzhou Branch The number of trainees: about 150 November 24, 2010 afternoon, the Chinese real estate agent network marketing training, Zhengzhou University, Station No. 13 at the Tao Li Yuan Hotel a success. An mansions from the family property, family property Jinnuo, Zhengzhou joint property 1 +2 The new trade real estate, 21 Polaris shop, Xin Union real estate, public Yi Estate, Universal chain stores such as brokerage firms a total of more than 150 agents participated in the training. Training is divided into two, the first two trainers from the SouFun Housing Group, general manager of Zhengzhou hands as together as a king, the second group by the second-hand housing SouFun Zhengzhou Branch Assistant Director of Sales Lei speaker. 2010 can be described as China's real estate ups and downs of the year, continue to market regulation, game developers, home buyers in the tangle. Zhengzhou City Housing Authority, according to real estate data analysis prior to October, Zhengzhou rigid demand for home buyers Continues unabated, the occasion of the year end of the year 2011, house prices will fall another 20% of the words the wind, the real estate agent, how to grasp the precise time in the last customers, rapid turnover of it? SouFun second-hand housing group Zhengzhou Branch Specially designed for the majority of this real estate agent, 13 were held in Zhengzhou University of China real estate agent network marketing training. The training is divided into three parts: the development trend of network marketing is to enhance the effects found room to help with the key points, clever use of SouFun personal branding blog and forum. Institute of Network Marketing to seize market opportunities After the New Deal era, to the rapidly changing property market, real estate brokers only constant innovation, continuous improvement, to absorb new knowledge to deal with it smoothly in the real estate market in the popularity of the Internet has become today's network marketing Real estate brokers and agents for the essential of the technique. Therefore, in a brief address after the SouFun and lecturers are the two students to the field of marketing, explained the importance of the network, but also for the participants described the most common Network Marketing 18-type, port, forums, blog, and the use of 3G mobile phone era and so on. Nowadays a hot topic with the broker on a new understanding of network marketing. Using found room to help increase the probability of availability display Found room to help carry out as a real estate brokerage industry will use the network marketing product, its user-friendly and convenient features in major cities by the real estate agents alike. So far, found room to help a growing number of brokers has given way to Realized "the dream of sleep can make money." The training usually two lecturers with feedback on customer service phone SouFun, focusing on commonly used to introduce the use of techniques to help search room, surrounded by brokers are generally concerned about how to increase the probability of availability of the show and jacking machine Will commence speaking, allow agents to understand the ubiquitous availability SouFun display rules, the power availability precise search, and then even more carefully to the input availability, achieve better the results. In using the guidelines And lecturers emphasis on the use of effects to help enhance the search room of the five key points: the real high-quality housing, the real picture, attractive title and the title image, professional image and skills to refresh and so on. Among them, the appointment refresh Function is the most important, the actual operation by the two lecturers to introduce a refreshed focus on a few more appointments brush, set the refresh time to a reasonable point. Through the explanation, you fully understand that efficient and convenient agent to use " Found room to help "approach. Make good use of blog and forum set up own label The last part of the training, two lecturers with SouFun the blog and forums to introduce how to use free resources to improve their own popularity, establish authority in the industry, and then formed his own label. Forum section SouFun mainly introduced the classification and posting forum specifications, Tips Notes issued to the participants; blog section is different, SouFun's blog brings together all the industry elite, the biggest names in the industry, Brokers can charge in this study, also published in this article, to discuss with the industry to enhance the well-known and also prepared the way for personal promotion. China's real estate agent network marketing training Zhengzhou University Station No. 13 in the applause of the participants was temporarily a paragraph, two training lasted three hours, all the agents listen carefully, take notes carefully, actively and instructor interaction Move, there are still participants in the training after the end of the discussion with the instructor. SouFun Zhengzhou branch second-hand housing group found room to help network marketing training will come into all real estate brokerage firm in Zhengzhou city, in a responsible manner and strive for customer So that the general manager to achieve the best results!
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