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Zan Hui ZAC: Google definition conceals a page
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[net of Chinese network sale] everybody knows to conceal a page (Cloaking) a kind be cogged gimmick. Concealing a page is the IP address that requests according to the visit normally judgement is search engine spider or average user, return different content to spider and average user next.

Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information
But differ according to IP return different content, some moment are not cogged. This is so both the bounds between, often blur quite. Before guest of Google stationmaster rich two days sent a card, made more specific definition to 4 kinds of circumstances. Translate partly below, half comment.

Geographical location Geolocation

According to the situation of the user, return the different content that is aimed at specific situation. Judging this situation can be the IP address of the visit, also can be memory the Cookie in user computer, also can be the address that registers user place to offer. For instance a sufficient net stands, if one has registered the user that pass,what the address in offerred user information fills is Beijing, when this user visits a website, return the content that suits Beijing user more, the achievement of team of more report Beijing.

IP Delivery IP is deferent

Not quite clear how should accurate interpreter, be called IP to convey for the moment.

IP Delivery is above a kind when what say geographical fixed position. Because IP address is the ISP that allocates different area, the basis delivers the IP address that visits a request, can judge the situation that gives an user, return corresponding content next.

IP Delivery just returns the technical measure of more appropriate content one kind, not be cogged certainly. Picture above example place says, a visit person that did not register comes to the website, the server is passed detect user IP address, the person that discovery is browsed is to come from Beijing, can return the content that differs with the browse person that comes from Shanghai completely. Not only not be cogged, and be more the user is friendly.

Conceal webpage Cloaking

This is belonged to cogged. Those who point to is the content that a course returns to optimize when search engine spider is visited, and another content is returned again when average user is visited. The method that whether differentiating is search engine spider still includes to be judged through IP address, because IP address belongs to which ISP or big network company,can check. This conceals webpage and IP Delivery namely often promiscuous reason.

Click free First Click Free first

Having content of website of a few news should collect fees, but hope to be collected by search engine again. Google was offerred click free mechanism first, that is to say the user comes as a result through Google search website, when be being clicked for the first time, the user can see normal content, namely the content of capture of Google spider place. But same click the 2nd times of an user, will not see news content, and can be logged onto by the requirement or pay fee.
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