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Zan Hui ZAC: The strange regulation of Google: URL cannot with.0 ending
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Net of Chinese network sale] discovery of before two days of SEOMoz and the Google with solved very strange collect a problem.

SEOMoz has a webpage, it is the Web 2.0 large award that holds about them (Web 2.0 Awards) . URL is:

Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information

This award is quite welcome still on the net, the link is very much, URL is PR7. And all the time since discharge when Google searchs ”Web 2.0 Award” be in the first.

But a few days ago when SEOMoz discovery searchs Web 2.0 Award, this page disappeared from Google. The platoon is in of foremost face is deeper page. SEOMoz also is done not clear be so return a responsibility. So Rand contacted the person that knows inside Google, the person proposal of Google had better change URL into not with.0 ending.

The attention sees SEOMoz this page URL, / of a diagonal did not follow from the back. Below major case, URL ending expands without typical file the name is like.html, .php when, URL can be regarded as catalog, when there is diagonal at the back of catalog name, the server can add an oblique line automatically at the back. For instance SEO is stuck everyday, if the user opens directly:


Perhaps other webpage is linked above this URL, the server can do automatically 301 change direction:


As a result of some kind of reason, this URL of SEOMoz was not done 301 change direction to add oblique line automatically after catalog, that is to say URL or with.0 ending:


Browser and spider regarded this URL as file name, the patulous name of this file (perhaps say file kind) it is.0. And.0 file Google rejects to collect, resemble.exe file same.

SEOMoz made a lot of investigation, discover because,the page does not have the problem that be collected is really this URL with.0 ending. The file with.0 ending cannot be found to be collected to be in Google database on the net. Picture the following these files are confiscated in Google collection, dan Yahu has collect:
And very similar below these URL, google has collect:
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