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Zan Hui ZAC: Discharge statistic analyses a foundation
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[net of Chinese network sale] network sale still basically is a foundation with the website, website discharge, sell and change the change of rate, most the result of concentration that shows network sale activity.

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In the evaluation of network sale effect of the first section discussion, can saying is a final index. But the effect detail of sale of a lot of networks, cannot be judged however from single final result index. To sale person for, more important is computation gives network sale effect, when see result or be not worth, need knows why. This studies website flow carefully with respect to need, and the user is in the activity on the website. Pass the anatomize that convection measures, ability discovers network sale activity is how to be opposite in each detail of the website the user is effective, achieve the overall effect of network sale finally. If network sale activity is not successful, should know why, need studies and also analyse flow, finding out is which link those who do is incorrect.

Can saying website discharge is analysed is a treasure, what is result of the person that it can tell sale not only, still can reveal a reason where to be.

Website discharge analysis has a lot of index and term, this section is with respect to the website with him author exemple, it is statistical tool with Google Analytics, introduce the commonnest discharge to analyse index, and the meaning to network sale.

The visit measures Visits

Visitting what the quantity points to is the total number that the website inside some period of time is visited. This is one of index with website the mainest discharge undoubtedly, it reflected a website to spread the overall effect of gimmick.

Discharge analyses software to be able to press time, for instance everyday or every weeks, indication visit asks number. A lot of software are OK still with the graph means shows, more intuitionistic.

After having activity of some specific sale, examine the effect how the visit number that the first index sees place bring namely of course. For instance the article of the website is reprinted in great quantities by socialization network, what bring visit number via regular meeting is quick rise, but be in normally in a day or two, can drop to be counted with about the same before visit again. Carry the change that visits number and current so, can see sale activity roughly the effect.

The flow that pursue than be as follows even if shows grows circumstance. With above the figure is comparative, clearly, a flow is steady, one shows optimized result.

The change that visits number also has a few when having nothing to do with sale activity, can see from the graph for instance, every visit a quantity to be able to be reduced normally to on the weekend. Watch this key again, can see apparently, chinese website discharge is reduced during the Spring Festival very big. The theme of a lot of websites is related to season or time, it is very normal to present a similar pattern, do not show the success of sale activity or failure certainly.
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