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Zan Hui ZAC: Absolutely method and opposite way and SEO
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[net of Chinese network sale] the absolutely way that often sees somebody asks URL in forum and opposite way problem, which kinds should use in the website? What effect to have to SEO? This does not have very key actually, both each have actor drawback. Google employee JohnMu did a quite comprehensive summary in Google Groups a few days ago. Half interpreter explains a comment partly below.

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Advantage of absolutely method URL is:

) the content that if somebody borroweds,collects you, the link inside still can point to your website. What some borrowed is lazier, copied even the link inside the past together.

) if stationmaster cannot be done 301 change direction, have the problem of network address standardization consequently, use absolutely method to conduce to a link pointing to the URL version of make choice of. Hypothesis stationmaster cannot from URL


Do 301 to


Stationmaster hopes the version that is collected is the 2nd, take Www. Be like,the link in all webpages uses absolutely method directly:


Link URL hard encode enters HTML file. Calculate so spider or user entered Http://domain.com version, be like:


If the link on this page uses absolutely method, can link to:


After the user clicks the link of these already hard encode, still can return the version that contains Www. You want this also conduces to search alling alone engine spider identifies which version after all.

) calculate you to move the webpage the position, the link inside still points to correct URL.

- ) defect is, unless trends inserts the link, do not have method to have a test on test server otherwise. Because the link inside will point to true domain name URL directly, is not the URL in checking a server.

- ) unless trends inserts the link, mobile content page will be very otherwise difficult. Because content page position produces change, the link on other page cannot change possibly however accordingly, still point to the absolutely method of original already hard encode.

As it happens of defect of opposite way actor is contrary. The advantage is:

) mobile content is easier.

) it is easy to undertake on test server the test also is compared.

- ) defect, when content page changed the position, link easy be no longer in force.

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