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Gu Jinjing: Farmer stationmaster grows write down (on) foreword and preface
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Thank SMG, acknowledgment CCTV, CHANNELV the securing of the foremost face that this is some prize-giving ceremony a few words, I also apply mechanically one, thank YOU, thank INTERNET. In the original idea that this preface is not me, this is hind those who add. Originally I am to write bit of thing casually, the website that is oneself creates a few things that start formerly, wrote this one the first person to contain the article that learns a gender so, the farmer GJJ here is not me, I do not deny me is a farmer, at the same time I also am GJJ, but I am not the GJJ inside, because this is first edition, so a lot of things still enter a novel to leave without complete dissolve, and I am returned from time to time describe farmer GJJ into a teacher from a student, but these when I have time, I go back revise, the mainest is me it is to hope everybody passes this book to be able to acquire a few something that use via regular meeting in building a station.

I read a lot of books, it is of course about SEO, true content is very few really, to first what show for me of experience network is very easy to read and understand, no matter be of China,still be a foreign country, the sense that gives me is academic particularly much. If you are the following,the target is to groom the word of division will be very useful. But what real skill operates is very few however. I or pretty admire the SEO lab of Shanghai KYW, dot stone, especially ZAC (be called to know by farmer GJJ inside this book ah have younger brother of one's father) be worth to consider to learn very much.

What I should declare in this is this book be not is my former completely achieve, one part content comes from on the net, because of network cause, who is the person that had not known original work, in this I thanks to those well-known not well-known writers! If did not take care to encroach your rights and interests, hope you can be contacted with me, I can delete relevant content instantly.

Finally, thanks to everybody again!

Gu Jinjing



Everybody is good, I am one farmer, I just came out from Dashanshanli. I came out to contact a network later, I feel very good very powerful, so I decide I also build a website to play.

Hope everybody can accompany me to grow together since today, so my article name cries " farmer stationmaster grows write down " .

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