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Gu Jinjing: Price of GOOGLE contest price inquires
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[net of Chinese network sale] today innocently in a when discovered Google little secret, share with everybody.
Next graphs are done those who optimize should be very clear, after Baidu index cannot be used, this those who use is more.
Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM

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Because need, I go to thing copy inside Txt documentation, turn content   and word of place input word into relevant key word unexpectedly - added 1 - 3 ¥4.73 of   Beijing office building to added 1 - 3 ¥7.15 of   Shanghai office building to added   office building to rent 1 - 3 ¥4.02 added 1 - 3 ¥3.62 of   office building net to added   Shenzhen in March in August in August in August in August by 1 - 3 ¥5.25 of office building of dependency sort   was office building 1 - 3 ¥3.65 added in August? If be OK,solve Google to cannot examine the issue of the price. Everybody studies together, also look forward to ace to be able to be done solve!

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