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Gu Jinjing: Is hundreds respond to a single call effective really?
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B2B of “ hundreds respond to a single call, look for client ” for the client this is recently the word of north and south of great river of a re-echo, this B2B searchs hundreds respond to a single call the old in engine, can you bring revolutionary change to the medium and small businesses of countrywide each district really?

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What is the advantage that allows us to see hundreds respond to a single call above all then?

1, search a result news of trade of business of 100% supply and demand.
2, come the user that hundreds respond to a single call searchs boss of 100% medium and small businesses, purchase the businessmen such as agency; (it is the search user with some of commerce high value)
3, use convenient and simple, concise, fast.
4, the system collects Internet automatically newest trade purchases information.
5, can replace traditional website, be equal to enterprise electron business affairs website completely.
6, completely open mode searchs mode, be him website not just, the information on whole network can by capture.
7, issuance information will have an opportunity to be collected by the integrated search engine such as Baidu, Google, libaba cannot accomplish A this now. Because Alibaba is 3 class catalog so search engine won't be collected. Alibaba the present website that sends to the member, it is to solve this problem actually, common member does not have that pay, can be cheated to be in cereal only.
8, distinguish additionally at a few otherer the biggest characteristic of B2B is, other B2B website is wait for windfalls, waiting for a client to search namely come. And the advantage with the biggest hundreds respond to a single call is becoming passive to be namely active, those who collect a network to go up is effective match information to send VIP user that, make them faster than others one pace, accomplish truly seek a client for the client.

Can see those who bring revolutionary metabolic actual strength hundreds respond to a single call is the medium and small businesses that has countrywide each district really from above, be about to saw company of hundreds respond to a single call how go next, everybody expects Chinese B2B searchs the generation of engine tycoon together!

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