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[net of Chinese network sale] Wu Ping: Judgement of deadly aspect analysis inscr
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[net of Chinese network sale] deadly aspect analysis judges a problem in the website

The deadly aspect in analysing your website can reply first the following 15 judgement inscribe a problem. (be or deny)
1. is the information such as the relevant character on your website or picture complete concern with company product or service?
2. your website is clear, open career enough fast?
3. the webpage that whether is your website alled alone by search engine collects 60% above?
4. the webpage of your website whether is great majority simple webpage or static webpage?
Whether does the administrative levels of your website structure understand 5. ?
Is your website in 6. is be being read below each browsers normal?
Does your website domain name let 7. has the client looked to you can remember?
Does the product of your website introduce 8. detailed?
Can your website reflect 9. the advantage that gives your company?
Does 10. contact means to be in on the page of your website marked position?
Does your website webpage often update 11. (a week not less than) ?
12. the theme that every webpage in your website is core or core keyword?
Does 13. have tiring-room statistic in your website?
Whether does your website have 14. do technical sale staff or sale adviser support (be not personnel of general IT technology) ?
Can your website be 15. does your company bring benefit?

If above in 15 problems, the answer half above that you discover you whether, the network does not have care (Www.yes5u.com) proposal you should new the network sale before you. Perhaps, you should change a kind of means to thought to the doubt of network sale effect before, what preparation did you make for network sale after all? Also saw network sale is bit deadlier from here of course, we will be analysed further, the issue that how should we become now

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