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[net of Chinese network sale achieves formerly] Gu Jinjing: "Sword of god of 6 a
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[net of Chinese network sale] Jin Yong is classical " day dragon 8 " “ of result of a kind of in unique god ” of sword of god of 6 arteries and veins, dali paragraph of the family name exceed Jiang Jian gas to learn absolutely. Have qualitative aeriform, it is a profound fierce that sword meaning translate into the sword enrages learns. Gas of the sword when giving a sword is like fulminate urgently, swift and violent unsurpassed. Commit murder with enraging a sword at aeriform, can says the sword is medium inapproachable. The leading role in the book paragraph praise the sword of god of 6 arteries and veins with not close skill counts turn danger into safety, can be opposite with top ace even definitely, the courage that finally is him person that depend on more and perseverance are held in the arms so that this nobody puts in Wang Yuyan 's charge. Have such “ to broad medium and small businesses that nowadays ” of sword of god of 6 arteries and veins? Have! Should master the “ that I mention only ” of sword of god of 6 arteries and veins, plus courage and perseverance, can resemble certainly paragraph praise hold in the arms so that “ beauty ” returns euqally, just the “ beauty ” of the enterprise is the market and profit just.

Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM

6 arteries and veins of “ are magical sword ” the first sword: Little Ze Jian. Characteristic: Will go suddenly suddenly, metabolic essence of life is tiny.
Little Ze Jian: Email sale
Might: *

The email sale that I say is so-called license type email sale, that is to say addressee asks you send email to give him actively. The means of this license is the user leaves full name and email address on your website normally. This data can enter your email list automatically, next the process issues greeting letter automatically, still can give out a series of prefab email automatically regularly. If you every month sends useful article to this email list, this mailing list turned an electron into the magazine.

Crucial point is to need to use the mailing address that leaves him on your website with householder, register your electronic magazine, is not you go up from the net capture or from email is bought over there others. The email that these enrollment is recorded, you should record an user to register the IP address of moment, exact time, in order to do in the future in case the evidence that when be complained, proves you are not hair rubbish mail.

Safer method is double license sex email, one can be received to confirm a letter after the user is registered that is to say, be in only after clicking the link in confirming a letter, this mail just is included email list formally. Can use false email address or address of the mailing that hit a fault in order to arrest very much person so.

If disallowance type email sale, is the enterprise buys mailing address library merely, oneself enterprise and product information are sent through email go out. So the person that accept to mail will tell, this is rubbish mail. I receive everyday in beating a mail, it is ” of “ rubbish mail for the most part almost, basically look not to look to be deleted directly, so mentioned with respect to have no way to the advantage of means of this kind of sale, it is very much that defect arrives. It is a target above all ambiguous, basically be the form of smooth net. Be opposite as a result of addressee next this detest, see this kind of mail is deleted, shrink the effect is not to talk to go up more, the 3rd, a lot of people were set oppose rubbish mail system, close far from to this kind of mail. The 4th, what harm to the brand of the enterprise is big inestimable. If not be to use permissive formula email sale, I or proposal do not take kind of this kind of sale.
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