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[net of Chinese network sale achieves formerly] Gu Jinjing: "Fall dragon 18 palm
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[net of Chinese network sale] fall dragon 18 palms are Jin Yongwu in novel of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct a kind very fierce learn absolutely, it is beg side normally advocate just meet, be in " day dragon 8 " the Xiao Feng in, " hero ejaculation vulture is passed " the Guo Jing in learned this to develop acme absolutely! What I should say today is the “ in network sale falls dragon 18 palms ” , teach you how prostrate market ” of this “ dragon.

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Fall dragon Kang Long of —— of the first type has 18 controls regret: Baleful code
Baleful code, software, the promotion means of virus, oneself are fed up with this kind of method quite, do not do in this discuss. A lot of big websites, be like strange tiger, 51, previously 3721 wait to had done this thing, the result is right still.

Fall dragon —— of the 2nd type flies to 18 palms Long Zaitian: Forum card is popularized
Do not go the forum of others sends a few meaningless advertisement note, otherwise administrator can seal your ID very quickly, and should resemble in QQ group li of promotion is same, choose elite, stick caption and link. The key depends on essence of life and do not depend on much.

Fall dragon —— of the 3rd type sees 18 strike with the palm of the hands Long Zaitian: Instant communication is popularized
What basically point to is QQ, clean out the flourishing of treasure recently, make flourishing flourishing also entered this range. This key depends on the method that use, those who use is good, the price is low the effect is good, those who use is bad may be not to hurt a person to be turned over oneself, the key depends on skill. I am with QQ exemple, use QQ group hair software adds a good friend to send a message, I had tried, the result is bad, group of free good hair software are found hard on besides net, want to collect fees mostly. Actually we can use QQ very well group, join N many groups (my QQ has added 50 group of) , if do not prevent an information, group the message in can emerge to you ceaselessly, not dead machine just is blamed. If you feel a QQ can add a few only group of too little words, you can apply for date of a few QQ to be added technically more group. Attention, in QQ group li of advertisement that not pure hair “ welcomes to visit and so on of such-and-such website ” , and should notice skill, you can select a few of your website good literary workses, reach article caption and visit address hair group in. Still have, in QQ group li of hair message, want to hold good time, should choose send when online height, such effects gift is nice. General the result is bad in the morning, if wanting to send, also should be in 10:30——11:30. Afternoon 3:30——5:00 effects are better. In the evening 8:30——9:30 ability are best opportunity, online number is right now maximum.
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