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[net of Chinese network sale] Gu Jinjing: SEO is thick black learn (the person w
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[net of Chinese network sale] thick black learning everybody know, SEO is thick black learn even if use thick Hei Xueyun to SEO. This is too mean also too shameless, so I tell only today.
The purpose of SEO is to a good rank can be obtained inside search engine. Conversely, myself SEO did not go up, can get match, in that way I did not go up. The method below is too mean too shameless, so I had not tried, also do not know so useful. I hope everybody is only as discuss, must not go carrying out.

Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information
Google has begun to be opposite now group of hair restrict somewhat, and Baidu should have group of many hair only, affirmative meeting is punished, the likelihood has some of friend to be able to disagree to this kind of my view, such hearsay does not know to whether be belonged to solid, if all these belongs to solid word, that is more dangerous to a few enterprises in front.

Why to say the risk in front? I will cite a case. E.g. , a company, the platoon is in the first now, so the competitor that from the back is it, if above hearsay belongs to solid word, the B from the back, c, d, e, f. . . . . The enterprise helps it group of hair guest of a few rich, leave a message board retrorse link, that need not how long, a company is in rich guest, leave a message board the retrorse link in blotted out the sky and cover up the earth, that expresses before long in the future, is it about dead to become warped became warped? The business that the word of this appearance does a website to those sureness is too inequitable.

I hope this hearsay is not true, or be about to have one large quantities of “ fine civilian ” website wants to suffer disaster.

PS: Everybody can not go black your adversary enterprise, or too not honest and kind! Child say: “ is an upright person should honest and kind! ”

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