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Internet marketing help you open the door to customer needs
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Internet marketing strategy is the enterprise customer needs as the starting point, based on experience and purchasing power to obtain information about customer demand, the business community's expectations, there are plans to organize the business activities, coordinated through the mutual product strategy, pricing strategy, channel strategy and promotional strategy to provide customers with satisfactory products and services to achieve business goals of the process. What is the 4P? Namely: product (Product), price (Price), promotion (Promotion), place (Place) These four factors applied to the marketing process to the formation of the four aspects of marketing strategy. Combined with political and public relations POLITICS PUBLIC, is 6Ps. Business network marketing mix 4P model diagram 1981 Bu Musi (Booms) and Bitner (Bitner) suggested that the traditional 4Ps of marketing theory on the basis of three additional "services of P", ie: people (People), process (Process), environment (or or physical environment; Physical evidence). Accordance with the needs of the market against competitors to develop competitive products, price, place and promotion policies. During this period the birth of the famous 4P theory. The prevalence was still the era of mass media, relying on mass media to promote the sale, no differentiation strategy to become the distinctive feature of this phase. ① The main products network marketing strategies of new product development, product life cycle, brand strategies, the price strategy, promotion strategy and distribution strategy is based. ② price pricing strategy, also known as network marketing strategy, the main research products, pricing, price adjustment and other marketing tools, detailed examples can visit the Web site http://www.zhenlong.net/ understanding. ③ marketing network marketing organization and product information is transmitted to the target market of a planned marketing activities, its main focus is to communicate with consumers. Form of promotion include the advertising, public relations (PR), sales promotion (SP) activity, personal selling (PS), word of mouth operation, etc., through the promotion, to enable enterprises to allow consumers to know, understand, love and purchase products the strength of its marketing plan properly, enough to affect or manipulate the visibility of products, image, sales, and even the corporate brand image. With the promotion, consumers can know what kind of product benefits, price number, where you can buy and how to purchase, etc., and these consumers will respond to further assist in promoting the other marketing mix (product, price, place) to do amendments adjustment. ④ channel strategy, is the sky in order to achieve the purpose of product distribution sales channel used. It represents enterprises (institutions) that will reach the ultimate consumers of their products before and established by various types of trade relations among distributors, cost sharing and profit sharing arrangement of the integrated system. This includes both distributors, wholesalers, retailers also included, even including logistics providers, business people or companies selling directly to consumers, and mass direct marketing - or the name of multi-level marketing company's direct sales force and its organizational structure . Companies develop distribution policy aims to: make the product more smoothly reach the hands of customers, it is necessary to ensure the distribution of low-cost, but also to ensure customer delivery period, delivery volume, assembly services, troubleshooting and consulting requirements. Increasingly rich in the case of products, distribution policies may become increasingly difficult to develop, as opposed to products and brands over, it appears that few distributors, which the latter has a lot of bargaining power, trying from the manufacturer or upstream business, where the interests of greater sharing ratio. Retailers in the last 10 years, was particularly impressive, they are not only engaged in retail, have begun to intervene in the upper reaches of the product production process, and to his original name of the shop name or produced as their new brand - that is its own brand (private brand / label), or called the store brand (store brand / label). This is purely a deeper threat to the profits of manufacturing companies, of course, greatly increased the difficulty of the latter to develop distribution strategies. ⑤ staff (Personal Sales), all of them being involved directly or indirectly, a service of the consumption process, this is a very important marketing mix 7P a point of view. Knowledge workers, white-collar employees, officers and some extra value to consumers will increase the existing total social supply of products or services, which are often very significant part of the value. ⑥ process (Process), services are provided through certain procedures, mechanisms and activities to be realized in the process (ie, consumer management process), is a network marketing strategy, a key element. ⑦ Environment (Physical Evidence), including the smooth supply of transmission services, environmental services, tangible goods, the ability to carry and express services, the current consumption of the consumer experience of the invisible, and consumer satisfaction to potential customers the ability to pass.
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