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The website with practical nine popularizes a method to help you increase flow
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[net of Chinese network sale] website promotion is right to a lot of stationmaster it is the problem that one build is fond of, the website has been done, put look there without the person, cannot realize the value of the website. Doing poineering work with respect to me now a few experience that the website when undertaking popularizes share everybody.
Must want to have a good website above all, what is good website? It is a website fixed position wants to make clear, user target group want to make clear, want to provide valuable service for the user. Can begin to popularize a website next.

Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM

1, search engine promotion

Land network address search engine, be like Google, baidu, yahoo (should refer a few main search engine only can, the nature of other also can collect) . Of course, want to there is better rank on search engine, this wants your website to have content above all, can update in time, also want to undertake SEO(searchs engine to optimize) .

2, friendship link

Friendship link also is a kind of better promotion method, but want to notice when doing friendship to link, should become a link with the website related him website content the effect will be better.

3, navigation website logins

Can land navigation website. For example, hao123 and 265 or 361

4, resource collaboration promotion

Play through website each other, the means such as collaboration of advertisement of commutative link, trade, content, user resource collaboration, in have the goal that mutual promotion achieves between allied goal website, among them the most commonly used means is linked for the website.

5, information issues promotion

Can release the information of and so on of programmer of a few invite applications for a job, art design, mottled bamboo to website of classified information website, part-time job, these websites want you not to send illegal message only, general won't cutout of your article, the website that also meets you so brings discharge.

6, build absorbing characteristic column

When if do poineering work,undertaking do poineering work 100 ask, the CY hodgepodge of CY community. Can attract so a few later the website that the guest visits you.

7, go be being stuck greatly each, forum conduct propaganda

This is more effective, when to notice among them: Conduct propaganda is not sent looking is advertising card.

8, the net picks promotion

I think this is a best method that popularizes a website, brought a lot of discharge for me through this method, can go up on average everyday 1000 IP, the meeting is occasionally more. I had written an article that picks promotion method and skill about the net before, what write inside is very detailed, still have process kinescope, everybody can look (the article is reprinted by a lot of websites, article caption is: The net picks promotion complete tutorial and skill can go below search of Baidu, Google. )
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