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Network sale is politic: Unscramble strategy of search engine sale (3)
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[sale of network of network of Chinese network sale is politic] —— of accurate advertisement of essence of life suffers with interest feature fractionize numerous
Two users in Baidu at the same time same page searchs same word, saw different ad. This is not a mistake, this is Baidu shows the ad that suits him most for each user, this is accurate advertisement of essence of life. Internet advertisement, had developed to be new media of the feature in order to search a technology from form of inchoate traditional media advertisement, the basis that advertisement puts in experienced attribute of analytic netizen nature, netizen behavior attribute and netizen interest label 3 phase.

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Put essence of life on accurate advertisement in the light of netizen interest label, the attention that Baidu has original advantage —— Baidu to be able to differ in the light of interest crowd is nodded, put in different stock, achieve first-rate information to transmit effect; to be able to enclothe all netizens, by the purpose the choice suffers; of numerous scope magnitude not to need to pass natural property numerous to sufferring interest undertakes machining, nonstop user interest appeals to beg. Baidu essence accurate ad is first the most significant advertisement puts in, center firepower, key breakthrough; is OK in Baidu almost all channel dogs show, affect continuously, loot is potential client attention. these advantages organic conformity, baidu essence allows advertisement, realize every advertisement advocate the desire in the heart. Let advertisement appear and before the person that appears to want to appear in him only!

What is principle of Baidu choice accurate advertising? It is with Ford exemple, in Baidu advertisement of Smax” of affirmatory “ Ford is searched when suiting to put in an user most, target user is in Baidu the webpage has searched “ car to buy guideline ” above all. Next, these users had browsed a car in Baidu news channel relevant news. What does the note that target user still knows to the query crosses similar “ to buy a car in Baidu have? The problem of ” and so on, stick in Baidu in had browsed “ Ford of ” stick child, visit the domestic ” website of “ car often. According to above user behavior, baidu is draw-out go out to suit to put advertising of “ Ford Smax” on the user most. Such, baidu realized thorough to netizen interest mining, find potential correlation, lock up calm target crowd thereby more essence of life puts in advertisement definitely.

Since Baidu essence allows advertisement to roll out, what had won a large number of users is close look at, the 200 brands advertisement that tries essence of life to allow advertising client to include ten industries such as car, finance, home appliance in Baidu at present advocate. Most client special approbate essence of life to follow advertising result, for many times add cost.
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