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Network sale is politic: Unscramble strategy of search engine sale (4)
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[sale of network of network of Chinese network sale is politic] new thinking of brand zone sale
Search engine develops very well with the user flourishingly demand is inseparable. How do we find to suit to search the good commercial pattern of behavior? How will find to be able to satisfy user demand to be able to satisfy client requirement again already, at the same time Baidu also can the very good mode of gain money? Baidu commerce analysed Zhou Min of department inspector general to bring newest sale point of view.

Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information

Cross media to search sale to had made new trend of foreign network advertising at present, be about to traditional media and network media union rise, TV ad and search key advertisement mutual reflect, in order to achieve the result of integrated sale. If collect the “3 of abundant bank times ” advertisement. They hit a “ on the TV ad that collects abundant model of written characters of 3 times ” , tick off case suffer numerous curiosity, guide cause client group get online seek key word ad, increase a brand in order to achieve to search for, aggrandizement brand image, the appeal effect of stimulative commodity.

The effect that crosses media this to search sale is first-rate. Only month expression has on 10 thousand people search on the net, and the hit is as high as 5 become above, relevant brand key word or it is product key word, for instance the dot of the key word such as Hsbc is chosen rate also be in two into above, key word light exposure is gained near 600 million times inside two months, control a network very successful. Compare traditional sale pattern, cross media to search sale to control a network effectively, make sale activity more successful, settled the weak point with immeasurable effect of TV medium sale, palm of implementation overall situation accuses. Effect duration is long, developed the function that speaks with the client to promote a brand impression at any time.

Baidu is in cross media to searched sale respect to also make very great effort. The zone of brand of new product —— that rolls out recently is the result is searched in the webpage most upper part is well-known trademark advertisement advocate the commercial news with quantity custom-built body releases platform, had a lot of than common search result and common picture advertisement surmount and innovate.

Is the value of Baidu brand zone reflected be in where? Issue promotion through the line, guide a netizen to inquire; of news of the trade on the line

Online on release information of newest sales promotion, the network that leads the appearance on the shop on the line and net hands in easy; to impart newest product information, increase the guest flow that trades below the line. Pass brand special administrative area, can promote everyday value of potential tremendous netizen discharge, compose builds chain of the information below the line on smooth line, the benign loop of the appearance on stimulative net and hypostatic appearance.
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