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Network sale is politic: Unscramble strategy of search engine sale (2)
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[sale of network of network of Chinese network sale is politic] the trend that searchs engine sale and strategy
The condition of development state of affairs that Lei Peng of AdSage senior vice president mentioned SEM of North America market in the speech and old brand advertisement advocate the application to SEM. In North America, those who search engine advertisement market to had held total share of Online advertisement market is adjacent 50% .

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Use search engine to have sale activity, include DirectMarketing, branding and PR3 are planted. DirectMarketing can direct, efficient the investment return rate that raises promotion business. PR is to use search engine to undertake to the enterprise effective public praise is evaluated.

Build in card of search engine top grade, include to use all company natural resources to undertake SEO on search engine, put PPC on advertisement, decide what searching to the key word of company website is people. Ensure company brand appears in all and relevant Descriptions on search engine and Creative. Of company brand and product Keywords it is very important to build, because searcher has understood a brand, they may be the faithful clients of your brand even. In North America, if you were not searching result page,the platoon is in first position can give consumer to leave inactive impression.

Use search engine to undertake the brand is built, had been proved to be able to guide brand promotion. Nielsen goes out in the report middle finger of newest “InternetSearchBrandEffectivenessResearch” : In SponsoredText, having 27% is to strengthen a brand to build; to be in Contextualads, having 23% above is to promote a brand consequence.

The search sale strategy of Baidu

Chinese brand advertisement advocate of SEM put in the current situation: Compare with SME photograph, old brand advertisement advocate the amount of offerred keyword is very little, the advertisement of 77.3% advocate the key word that put in is little at 200, average key word has 54 only. The brand advertisement from Baidu advocate the true condition that put in looks, only the client of 2.8% has 10 thousand keyword. What the keyword puts in is little the effect that the most immediate effect searchs engine to be brought to it namely is not apparent. The keyword is you cast the net that go out, you should rely on a keyword to take potential client, how may little keyword catch the fish that wants to you? This is the first; that wants an attention the 2nd, the train of thought of prompt wants to notice, train of thought wants to develop.

SEM puts in skill

Do good SEM, want those who notice key word to choose above all with extend, so that enclothe target user effectively. Key word by shallow into can divide greatly for the product / service key word, indirect and relevant key word, relevant key word and the theme that are a foundation with key word or website popularize the crowd. When choosing key word, want to find core word above all, for instance BMW is brand word, its product word BMW 3 departments, BMW 530, industry / current term is a car, family expenses car. Want to extend key word according to core word and tool next, want to choose key word according to user demand and website again, such ability completed a process that chooses a word. A lot of people should ask possibly, how undertake a keyword extend? Of the keyword extend should note the following respect: On the core vocabulary foundation of product or service, can contact quality of a material, characteristic, function, use name of domain, district, brand name, current model, commercial pattern (wholesale, representative, join in) , service means (groom, the) such as express, company property (the) such as company, center, the netizen searchs an intent (“ applies for a job ” ) 7 respects. Want to notice advertisement originality compose next, land page specific aim is ambitious, so that achieve,suit user and advertisement advocate double gain the result. On advertising caption and description, want absorbing, information wants objective and true, caption and description include a keyword as far as possible, overall introduction should have as corresponding as the keyword news. Land the page should have very strong dependency with the keyword strong, have clear Calltoaction. The 3rd want reasonable rank and contest price. The 4th should build sale effect to monitor, put in according to changing the effect to adjust.
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