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Network sale is politic: Unscramble strategy of search engine sale (one)
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[sale of network of network of Chinese network sale is politic] SEM(SearchEngineMarketing) , search engine sale namely, it is a kind of of network sale new form, namely the enterprise uses search engine effectively to have network sale and promotion. In December 2007, annual meeting of SEM of network of the first China is held in Beijing, industry agrees with search to all alone engine sale is a dagger to market spurt all the time, it is a golden mine that remains to dig.
Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information
Regard China as the biggest search engine media, baidu leaves in 8 years year hold mention again the theme of SEM, with advertisement advocate share jointly how to dig this gold mine: Brand advertisement advocate of SEM where to run the current situation and problem to be in? How does search engine offer a solution? Does international SEM market grow situation condition and mode of operation to there is the place that He Ke draws lessons from? How the collaboration that the as biggest as China search media has the market is popularized? How to hold the strategy of SEM and skill?

Arrive from BrandingvsSearch BrandingSearch

Shen Haoyu of vice-president of Baidu business operation and everybody shared a few notions about search engine sale. Search engine sale is different from the advertisement of other form, not should intermittence puts in; to search engine sale also is to buy key word of a few products to put a search on engine not merely, it is an optimizes continuously process related to the crowd.

A lot of people have a bias to think previously Branding (the brand is built) with Search (search) it is contrary, be mutual contradiction. A few people think Branding is to be in TV, on newspaper, and outdoors those who appear, and Search is later ability some, and great majority is a few small advertiser are being done. Think small company does a search without Qian Cai, big company goes making a brand, this kind of idea is already special and actually backward. Be in abroad, what search engine has developed is very complex. Euramerican very much big company is cast every year on market promotion be equivalent to a few RMBs be on the SEM of Yahoo, Google. So more advanced idea is to say, branding and Search are far from contrary, should be united in wedlock completely.

Chinese SEM just just begins to develop, latent capacity still comes out without play far, but we had realised, the activity below search and line is mutual assistance. If all alone was not done good on engine in search, devoted ad fare is Bai Hua commonly, the vehicle that no matter be,uses is newspaper or broadcast. Search is a concept that controls a network actually, leave the line a course that mobile conformity rises. If network user wants to know about the product detail or it is very detailed thing, when check this stuff, you must assure your product or be the initiative that serves what go up in search engine to show.
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