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3 node of network sale
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[net of Chinese network sale] network sale basically divides into 3 link: The first website is built; The 2nd network is popularized; The 3rd network trades. These 3 link, each other is a balance, each other is prop up. Want to achieve the person that —— of ginger great-grandfather fishing wishs to swallow the bait, how should be done? The website that must have designed oneself, use appropriate measure to undertake the product with network promotion, right choice makes trade on the net. This 3 person between move repeatedly each other.
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Network sale is for medium with Internet namely on the net deal, include goods news to release, sales promotion of brand transmission, product, discovery client, promote trade, client service, market research is waited a moment. Network sale has 3 characteristics: The first market that does not have national boundaries; Services; The competitive environment with the 3rd free fairness. Internet is a kind trade fictitiously, have the adage of an Internet, doggie of big on the network dog can cry.

Traditional sale, the enterprise has his door face, have very pretty building, internet was done not have, be equal to say, on Internet, big medium and small businesses is in same scratch line, come so, the design of the website on Internet is most crucial. How does the client know a business, pass a website namely, website design must be very exquisite, very commercialize the impressions that affects a client. The focus of this moment sale produced move, the tradition is I ask a client to have a meal, perhaps look around to the factory, ask client of an United States to come to a factory look around of course not actual also, ask a client to browse your website namely now so. To medium and small businesses, the competitive environment of this fair freedom, compare interjectional opportunity with big dog namely.

The service of Internet is a service mode that is dominant with consumer, enterprise and agency and client establish the channel of direct communication, can the requirement according to the client, provide the service of characteristic, in other words, network sale and traditional sale, it is a passivity and active issue actually, to traditional sale, we have our clerk to carrying our product on the back, knock from door to door promote, advertise etc.

Means of this kind of sale has the biggest problem, it is family close the door on, do not let you go in. Network sale, want to had done the website namely, do very elegantly, achieve the person that —— of ginger great-grandfather fishing wishs to swallow the bait! I am waiting to come in the home order. This is traditional sale and Internet sale the biggest different, one is passive, one is active.

Numerous enterprise is in be brave in to carry out and try while, also revealed the numerous problem that be as follows:

Make there are clear purpose and strategy before network promotion
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