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Network sale price is politic
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[net of Chinese network sale] network sale price is politic

1, the low price of strategy of network sale price is politic

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Internet of have the aid of undertakes selling, the fare that compares traditional sale channel is low, because the sale price on this net compares popular market price case generally speaking,want low. Because the information on the net is,search easily relative, of the person that accordingly the price information offset on the net is expended it is important to buy a move action. According to research, shop on consumer preference net, because shop to go to the lavatory quite on the net,be on one hand, because can get more product information from the net,be on the other hand, buy goods with best price thereby.

Because cost is used to increase certain profit mostly when the price,strategy of direct low price is, some is 0 profit even, because this kind of price is when overt value,want than congener product low. It is the price kind that manufacturing industry enterprise has when be being sold continuously, be used on the net commonly, if Dell company computer fixes a price,compare the other company product that is the same as function low 10-15% . The base that uses low strategy is in front point out in the analysis, through Internet the enterprise can save many cost cost.

Strategy of price of additionally one kind of low is discount strategy, it undertakes on cost price foundation the discount will fix a price. Pattern of this kind of price can let what the client understands a product directly depreciate extent with promoting a shopper buy. Strategy of this kind of value basically is used in the shop on a few nets, it undertakes according to the popular price on market the discount fixes a price commonly. If the books price of Amazon wants to have a discount commonly, and discount price achieves 3-5 to fold.

If the enterprise is to be,extend the market on the net, but when product value does not have competitive advantage again, can use strategy of price of the sales promotion on the net. The consumer side that goes up as a result of the net very wide and have very big buy capacity, a lot of enterprises sell new product of situation and promotion to open a net to go up, use temporarily sales promotion price is politic. Sales promotion fixes a price besides in front outside mentioned discount strategy, more commonly used is sale having reward and accessary gift sale.

What want an attention when using low price strategy is: Above all, because Internet is from what share resource freely to develop and come, because this user thinks the commodity on the net wants petty gain than buying goods from general channel commonly, unfavorable on the net sale those clients are sensitive to the price and the product that the enterprise depreciates hard again; Next, want to notice divisional consumption object when the price is announced on the net, want divisional and average consumer, shopkeeper, jobber, partner commonly, offer different price information to release medium of communication respectively, cause sale channel disorder possibly because of low strategy disorder otherwise; The 3rd, when the price is being released on the net, should notice to compare the price that congener site announces, because consumer can pass search function to find the cheapest goods very easily on the net, otherwise price information is announced will rise counteractive.
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