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Network sale is politic: The flaw of sale of Chinese company network
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[sale of network of network of Chinese network sale is politic] the flaw of sale of Chinese company network one: Network sale starts the place is wrong
To industrial business of China, what is the first pace of network sale?

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Perhaps home has a lot of proprietor of an enterprises to be able to say: Build a website. Be wrong!

Perhaps still expert of some of elder network sale can say: Is early days market analysed? Wrong still!

I discover, will tell to business of 90% China industry, what the first pace needs to solve is: To the finish machining of traditional sale data.

What to include? Kinds fraction is large:

Company image whole is packed unified

From the LOGO of the enterprise, to company product exterior, publicize a data to the enterprise, to the dress of business working personnel, all these must have an unified color, tonal. The enterprise CI that says normally namely, CD. This, in Chinese B2C industry, had had comparative to change greatly, because everybody knows, want him goods curry favor with, still can sell a good price, it is very important to pack!

The word says, didn't industrial business need to pack? Did not exhibit once upon a time meeting, rigid apparatus of everybody, slow-witted in the factory, waiting for a salesperson to go out to run monadlist. Have nowadays exhibit met, many 100 produce the business of akin product, enter experienced booth of an exhibition hall, the quality of the product is neck and neck, how do you suck the eyeball of others? How had you won your adjacent home?

It is in light of me, of industrial business oneself pack especially important, and will tell with consumable, have substantially difference: Of fast consumable pack the impulse that should make person generation is bought, manufacturer is a connoisseur, consumer is to suffer guide. And of industrial product purchase business, general very won't actuation, their industry knowledge, come more in the round than manufacturer even, accordingly this is told to industrial business, in the enterprise bag mount wants the time below, with respect to meeting more. I think, as contrary as fast consumable, of industrial product pack want to be able to make buy the home, can static next hearts come, can understand every production process of your product carefully, every technology parameter, if of an industry business pack, can communicate their self-confidence to oneself technology, precise technical operating conditions is spent, and continuously efficient research and development is devoted, so successful distance they are not far also.

Company product data prepares

Somebody thinks, this are gibberish, of course every enterprise has product data, or how to sell a thing?

But, is your data overall? Why I should emphasize this here, because once an enterprise, the decision should throw network sale, their product data needs to prepare afresh entirely!
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