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Hero of relieve the people in disaster " Wang Laoji " rear: The network pushs ha
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[net of Chinese network sale] editor's note: The reporter says to editorial short message after interviewing and write this edition theme article: “ network agitation is complete now it is velocity of light, wrote this article, network forum lost glamour gradually in my heart. The seemingly lively thing of modern place angle is so truthless rear actually. ”
Net of Chinese network sale: Chinese network sale website of the first information
The desert of Wang Laoji case and enlightenment perhaps suit an idiom particularly: Benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom. But anyhow, can called free market of network public opinion the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor 2008, include Wang Laoji case, contribution red black a list of names posted up, “ model run run ” , Sharon · the classic case that a series of incident such as Stone are sure to become this one year by ceaseless ponder.
And the public relations that undertakes affecting popular wishes in the network about concealed extends action, of Chinese netizen bear where is border, still be worth to continue to consider.

Late on May 18, on the evening party of raise donations of relieve the people in disaster that holds by many ministries and commissions and CCTV combination, add much treasure group to hold a piece of huge gules check on behalf of in relief gentleman, become domestic odd pen with 100 million yuan contribution highest contribution business, their almsdeed makes the central point that people pays close attention to immediately.
Be in the following day forum of a few websites, ceaseless popularity wears such one the name is " ban Wang Laoji " card: “ Wang Laoji, you are enough firm! Contribute 100 million, daring is 200 times of Wang Shi! For punish the enterprise of this aggressive, buy the Wang Laoji of smooth supermarket! On one canister buys one tin! Do not buy do not carry this card on the head! ”This hot post by each big forum is reprinted in succession. See not hard from Baidu trend, the search quantity of ” of “ Wang Laoji rises sharply after May 18, and " ban Wang Laoji " discharge curve and ” of “ Wang Laoji comparative almost.
The Baidu inside 3 hours is stuck exceed 140 thousand about hair post of Wang Laoji. Fictitious community, strange tiger, Baidu sticks skyline the hair post that waits for forum is in centrally began before 18 o'clock on May 23.
Next ceaseless occurrence Wang Laoji breaks sold news in a few places. ” of Wang Laoji of “ of south cool tea almost overnight red all over great river north and south, a few people begin an appeal to drink coal tub to install Wang Laoji on the autograph archives of Msn.
Backside travels in this virus type, it is action of sale of a network actually. Disclose according to an in-house personage, wang Laoji was to ask large quantities of one networks to push a hand to be in add fuel to the fire.
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