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" ban Wang Laoji " , successful network incident sale
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[net of Chinese network sale] still remember shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River just happening before long, a big editor asks Sonia otherwise wants to write an article, about catastrophic sale, sonia refused. Wrote the article comment that be as follows next:

” of alleged “ catastrophic sale still does not want so those who go crying is good, the company liability heart of an enterprise and social sense of responsibility should not be in merely when appearing in disaster, just show.

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Of critical hour snow in sending charcoal can help an enterprise establish good public praise quickly quickly, rapid before catastrophe extend aid, be sense of responsibility of an enterprise society reflect. But if be a purpose with “ sale ” , and rather than is sent from the bottom of one's heart freewill, this behavior can let enterprise incur only more censuring. When ” of “ beneficent sale is popular, also have scramble for sth of a lot of enterprise. But why to do “ sodden ” later —— is not the fall because of social morality, make beautiful ” for “ because of the enterprise however and “ beneficent ” .

Biergaici regards charity as lifetime career, the beneficent commonweal figure that its are built for years is not simple 9 philanthropic act or project or 9 astronomical can cover. Li Jiacheng all the year round beneficent, can pay close attention to what Mr Li can extend aid —— charity to had become Li Jiacheng before certain catastrophe without the person another fine quality.

If 9 disaster can help an enterprise establish the image of social sense of responsibility that it expects, so what this enterprise gets probably is short-term reputation Yuan Yang, but go down for a long time, what consumer can understand a fact certainly is true picture.

The casting that resembles a brand is a lengthy process same, the commonweal figure of an enterprise also should be sent from the bottom of one's heart accumulate ability for a long time to form.

The 10 thousand branches that become Wang Shi and him because contribute money is too little and by netizen assail, feel Wang Shi is very pitiful at that time, sonia of his a lot of viewpoints is approve of, especially “ charity is not in one day, charity is not big horn cries come out ”—— premise is him also be really so the word —— that do but he uses a fault processing means, caused the public relations crisis with 10 thousand unprecedented divisions then.

Evening party of contribution of CCTV relieve the people in disaster should be to create throughout history the program of top viewing rate, the friend that sees the evening party be on duty in CCTV with at the same time at the same time at that time talks about MSN. He says: “ adds much treasure group fierce, contributed 100 million! ” is in then of curiosity drive below, searched “ to add group of much treasure ” , just know that is the group that produces Wang Laoji. The mood is quite excited at that time, enterprise of a civilian battalion can such fervent fact is belonged to not easy, and, in the cognitive limits of Sonia, wang Laoji is not special actually make money, major fund is used on channel construction and promotion.
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