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Network sale case: Chinese mobile capital manages
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[net of Chinese network sale] compere: The first case is by China construction bank is sent choose " case of sale of network of management of Chinese mobile fund " , speechmaker is vise general manager of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China of objective of group of head office of Chinese construction bank Mr Cheng.
Cheng Yuanguo: Each respectable commissioner, honored guest everybody is good in the morning! Thank the arduous labor of each commissioner, what also thank each worker is arduous pay. My general is shared together to everybody below " case of sale of network of management of Chinese mobile fund " .

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Chinese construction bank is one of 4 big state-owned banks, level of asset management rate is top, appear on the market at was in Hong Kong 2006, become big bank of market prise second, have numerous business site and new product, everybody can see from this Zhang Biaozhong, come nearly 3 years each business of the Construction Bank achieved better progress. 2007 by global banking commissioner optimal bank. Chinese shift is broken through to number of the user end 2007 369 million, touch a client what this case place advocates with the real situation, attract a client with the product, in order to serve firm client.

Mix in branch of head office, Beijing individually assist do the joint efforts of travel, chinese mobile capital manages a network to debutted on May 28, 2003, what knot breath worked first quarter 2008 is successful finish, the settle accounts network that indicating amount of the capital inside system of complete Construction Bank is the largest moves formally close already 5 years. Up to by September 2007, all company of 31 provinces shift brings into this settle accounts network, the deposit account of capital putting in collect 's charge 48, capital puts in collect 's charge 50.3 billion yuan are amounted to when gross is highest, deposit is stabilized basically 48 billion yuan come in 42 billion yuan between.

The building of network of feeling of Chinese mobile capital and move, to building a bank (love, prices, information) major client has sale the principal port of milepost type.

1996, president of king Qi hill put forward “ strategy of double big ” . Everybody knew to produced financial crisis 1997, it is certain and difficult that financing appeared, at this moment we help shift undertake financing, had held the position of by the Construction Bank its advocate bear sell business. Chinese shift bought property of the 7 mobile that visit town to the group in September 2000, have the demand of loan of RMB of a huge sum. Lv Xian submitted the financing plan that establishs silver-colored group to the client, combine 2 to serve as leading travel by established strategy, good public praise was won in industry.

Had before solid cooperative base, 7 branches establish head office of our stockaded village to head a group jointly jointly, in total, branch travel client manager forms working group, according to regular system the requirement undertook custom-built the construction that changes a system.
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