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Network sale case: Network sale becomes shoe industry new trend gradually
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[net of Chinese network sale] a few days ago, store of Ao Kang network does business formally, the client that dotes on Ao Kang product need not walk out of a door, want to click a mouse gently on the computer of oneself only, love most from what oneself choose in hundreds product picture, in the home that the Ao Kang around matchs to send a center to be able to send the product to the client with the rapiddest rate. If say Ao Kang is monopolistic,chain mode is on the side of open store in client home, so store of Ao Kang network is the home that opens store in the client inside.
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In store of Ao Kang network, the client can resemble be like brand shop, freedom examines a product, different is, mix without objective here guide the explanation of the member that buy, have the literal explanation of picture and full and accurate only. According to Ao Kang network store controller introduces, the course chooses the hundreds shoe fund here meticulously, all fasten the design with nowadays the most popular market. Deserve to send the resource of base individually through coordinating what conformity spreads all over the whole nation, store of Ao Kang network can hand of client of goods apace service in, assured time, also saved the businessman's cost from certain level. Consequently mode of this kind of sale is convenient and feasible.

Face the period that information develops, a lot of enterprises use platform of his electronic business affairs to begin professional work in succession. And face the consumer that hear and see well, the business of a cup of a thick soup that tries to be divided on network sale is clear, this not only be a tradition is outspread, it is brand-new configuration more. Ao Kang thinks from beginning to end, provide the service that is consumer consider ceaselessly only, ability gains the favour of consumer from beginning to end. In the heart that an enterprise walks into consumer truly only, in the home that his product ability experts walk into consumer just greatly.

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