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Network sale case: How does? of Qin of Ju Li use network sale to make money
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[case of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] 1983, the buy white BMW car that · Dai Er is driving entrant Michael Er of 18 years old to sell newspaper to make money goes reporting for duty, there are 3 computers on backlash. In the time of go to school that in Dekesasi university Austin divides school inadequacy one year, he upgrades by right of the computer that gives other person, accumulated knowledge, skill and original little wealth. Act on “ to sell the belief of client ” continuously, the company that wear Er with 1000 dollars register fund, held water in an university.

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1993, the company that wear Er already expanded the ” of a dark horse of computer group “ that is year of sale to amount to 2 billion dollar, into do not lead be as high as 127% , but the grows to also give 28 years old Michael Er · Dai Er of such speed and his company brought a series of vital issues. Grasp hold goods in stock of “ slam the door, listen attentively to the client need, 3 pieplant gold that insists to sell ” continuously law. Dai Er turns round heaven and earth eventually.

After 6 years today, wear year of turnover of Er company to exceed 19 billion dollar, even more through value of network work off everyday the computer system of 12 million dollar, michael Er · Dai Ercheng is " fortune " the youngest in president of 500 strong companies.

The interest to the network only then at 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time

When Michael Er · Dai Ergang begins to produce interest to computer, most what do first is with bulletin board means and others contact. Any people inside beautiful territory should have a modem only, can exchange information in order to get online with others. These systems of tens of thousands of, brought up ” of hot line of “ United States and extremely lively now network world. He believes, internet may change the development of computer industry thoroughly.

20 centuries 90 time are prime, have the person with a few radical ideas, often mention an electronic network that can carry message, the electronic network that awaits in those days, basically center in university and governmental system.

The network trades to be awaited in those day be confined to the T-shirt that order. But he thinks of immediately, if can T-shirt of the subscribe on the network, that states whats can be ordered, computer is not exceptional also. The most marvellous is, the network trades should first computer just does get! He thinks, also do not have again other stronger creation can extend the market so.

In 80 time evening, company discussion should develop a system too, let a client by modem orders and can choose the norms that distributes personal computer. The conclusion after the consideration is, at that time, it is too difficult to such doing too beautiful also money. There is too much and different software platform in those days, require the process of too much and different version, and these need to assist.
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