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Network sale case: Trend of sale of network of industry of WEB2.0 age health
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[net of Chinese network sale] ” of polymerization of interactive, effect will become effect of “ energy accurate sale, public praise, user the mainstream of market of prospective Internet advertisement develops a tendency. Trade openly platform has appeal more on development, more accord with advertisement advocate demand.
Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM
—— is picked from DCCI " market research of advertisement of 2008 China network considers to report "

Somehow for, network sale has become nowadays enterprise to popularize most main sale measure. Be in especially industry of medical treatment health, a lot of enterprises are in early 2, had begun to pay close attention to network sale 3 years ago. However, for healthy to most medical treatment industry, network sale still is a burgeoning thing, especially the ceaseless development as technology of these two years of networks, how to use the sale tool that this promotes Internet anew to enlarge sale channel, promote advertisement sale effect, become each enterprise to must want faced difficult problem.

Face this kind of current situation, domestic head home offers healthy trade the operation business of interactive sale platform health Q net is timely rolled out “ health Q to understand ” product, with its particular “ essence allows effect of sale, public praise, user the characteristic of ” of polymerization of interactive, effect, for numerous health industry user provided a good sale platform!

Essence of life follows sale, effect polymerization:

Regard a dedicated Yu Jiankang as the enterprise of the industry, the health Q that health Q net offers understands a product one of the biggest characteristics can make company of medical treatment health accurate find target user to arise namely interactive, help enterprise undertakes essence of life follows sale.

Above all, health Q is in at present channel of health of exclusive operation sina. The user of resource of user of sina of have the aid of and health Q oneself is accumulated, nearly 250 million 3 tall netizens gathered on health Q net, these income tall, record of formal schooling the crowd with consumptive tall, high capability, be the target crowd that healthy industry pays close attention to most. Additional, health Q net is numerous enterprise collect the ground, the assemble on the platform that connects in health Q the numerous health such as medicine of fitness of such as hairdressing, medical treatment kind enterprise, the netizen can find more here, more business information of concentration, the enterprise also can know trade news through the website.

Meanwhile, health Q net still has the quality of media platform. No matter be enterprise or average consumer, can undertake be revealinged independently on this platform, recommend actively. And health Q net regards tripartite of enterprise of —— of user —— expert as interactive platform, through knowing, 100 divisions, group the group interactive, can permit choice the user to rise with enterprise join directly. Answer a question through the enterprise, make an user direct contact enterprise; to answer a question through the expert, what direct the user enterprise; answers problem and industry expert through the netizen is interactive, can undertake to the enterprise public praise travels. Then, on the platform that collected a large number of effective users and enterprise in this, the sale of interactive property can have with respect to I between enterprise and user, effect of sale of utmost land group.
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