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Network sale case: Sale of successful website of confederative express company i
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Case of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] confederative express company (Fdxcorp.com, abbreviation FedEx or FDX) , it is thumb of line of business of rapid movement of a whole world. She uses 25 years of time only, from 0 start, in combination wrap up serves a company (UPS) the around converging attack that opens the tycoon of person of the same trade such as the company with American carry falls to grow quickly expand rise, development is existing 130 much dollars, lap in small fast give, common and transmissive, blame is truckload carry, compositive change allocate and transport the industry leader that the domain such as administrative system holds many market share, jump the world 500 strong.

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Sum total of employee of company existing whole world 145 thousand, the country that begins professional work and area 211, global business airport 366, each type carriage plane amounts to stock 624, sunrise car counts nearly 40 thousand, the airfreight that handles more than 2 1 million pounds.

This miracle company offers an opportunity every months twice to be watched for ginseng, one batch approves a guest to also wish to pay everybody the admission fee of 250 dollars, will to its be located in Tennessee the first month to poor this super allocate and transport center, experience it personally brightness grand bearing, high speed is busy and precise exercise spot, appreciate its extraordinary competition ability.

Company website is enlightened 1995. Its on the report page that 1998 year submit partner, with“The ” of brand of the person that precede with new FDX= is a problem, allege proudly: FedEx initiated the ” of “ base fountainhead in express industry, unprecedented ground turns intelligence the system to introduce in this industry.

FedEx advocate promote the “ service, technology, business concept that extends market ” in coordination with the client, become go up in market of unifinication of current and fast, competition, whole world, the “ omnibus goods and materials that can offer its exclusively to need to the client allocates and transport the enterprise of solution ” .

Visible, although be express industry together, fedEx sells a dot to build his service system strung is changed in intelligence, deepness intervenes the client's goods and materials allocates and transport go in business, offer the ” of “ whole solution that can run in coordination to it, let client and partner all smile happily, can precede before formidable opponent one pace and development expands rise.

One, website fixed position

What FedEx website pays attention to is it and client, especially on the affinity between business client, it is crucial that this changes intention of carriage control system to developing its intelligence. So, the sale concept that the website locates in conduct propaganda “ whole is more than ” of partial the sum, do one's best and client cooperate with movement, conspire optimal benefit.
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