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Network sale case: Be able to bear or endure brand shop of the promotion on gram
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Case of sale of network of network of Chinese network sale] be able to bear or endure the name of the gram and brand had been famous in a whole world, the ” of “ athlete world that they think to to network user announce get about is set in complete Canada now is able to bear or endure mediumly the gram confuses your inn. To achieve this goal, the interactive sex that the giant of this sprotswear bound uses Internet and graphical function made banner advertisement and a website, devoted use.
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The target of Www.athletsworld.ca/nikeshop website suffers numerous it is teen-age adolescent is mixed a little a few older youth client. The goal that establishs a website is to build famous spend and transmit product information, the website is in by the setting Active.com, cbc.ca, ctvsportsnet.ca, montrealplus.com, rcf.ca, rollingstone.com, sympatico.ca, toronto.com, the advertisement on Tribute.ca and Tsn.ca will popularize. The ad that has 4 different version puts each on 5 weeks by turns in this summer. Among them a version takes 500 yuan to be able to bear or endure with winning gram shopping certificate is an appeal, direct link arrives on the website; Other a segment that athlete of intercept of a few version trains distributes an advertisement signal: “ is done not have forever too early / too strong / too much ” , the network address of this word and website appears on advertisement alternately.

To attract the young person that visit, the website used what all sorts of design elements are like satiric type to guide the expressional method of formula of music of skin of language, play, game and colorful figure. Be able to bear or endure the ad director Josie Seguin that gram company is installing rude Vaughan branch says: “ we try to make our website is full of interactive sex and fun, transmit our message with exciting means. ”

The guides the page behaved cerebra of a few discrepancy in driving electronic music sentence of the website. Be able to bear or endure the gram highlights play skin in the light of young group and positive attitude: “ very ache, good, be effective certainly”With “ my knickers still is in wash one's hands bare of Chi Li … is worn the body goes ” is two such example. The language that we think “ to understand with them says to them … uses some of interesting word teenage snout talks to them, ”Seguin says.

The visit person that enters a website can be encouraged, the detailed information that the picture of “ hubble-bubble ” that carries an athletes has joining together will get a product. The person that visit still can operate the mouse views a product from all sorts of angle in ” of part of “quick-time virtual reality or locate into peddling inn. The contest on the net and feedback questionnaire still were offerred win take 500 yuan to be able to bear or endure the opportunity of Ke Daijin certificate.
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