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Strategy of sale of network of treasure clean company is analysed
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[net of Chinese network sale] successful website results from successful company, but successful company however may not has successful website, manage inherent management course, get online to also have online way, two photographs combine each other to be gain, conversely criterion desire beneficial turns over caustic.
Bao Jie (Www.pg.com) is an old brand company that has history of half century above, in order to be opposite the indefatigable pursuit of high quality product is famed at the world, astute experienced and worldly-wise is more on management, have a color alone. In numerous enterprise website, bao Jie is to grab an eye to seize a purpose from beginning to end.

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Treasure clean home page grabs an eye dazzing, because held to a picture,be concise, the fundamental that highlights mainly. Build a website to want to make screen ad to global people namely, this is the goal that Bao Jie establishs a website, because good screen advertisement is the theme of network sale. Position of home page whole is precise, distinct, and have company name only, website catalog, without any setting, flag, the flower such as pushbutton spends ability way, whole picture is concise and vivid. "A picture, a theme, " of a kind of product is the design principle of treasure clean website, unless as a last resort, use a lengthy speech or article anything but, the Bao Jie " that reflects adequately the spirit of enterprise of " of a piece of paper.

Bao Jie's home page holds to a picture concise, the fundamental that highlights mainly, every frame page all asks according to planar advertising the design is made. On page design, every frame home page has an interest center only, and be located in gold to break up according to what law of ability of classical and planar advertisement makes place, interest center is the character close-up related to the product commonly, they or it is expressional joyous amusement, or it is close affection 4 excessive, the shoot a glance at that makes the person looks, can magical note meantime, this kind is emphasized set out from visual effect, practice of advertising of screen of system of website make it, have distinguishing feature alone in numerous website. Component of treasure clean product is commodity and food two kinds big, the life with people is direct and relevant, in the continue to use on the webpage so its are in the sale theme in traditional advertisement: Close affection is consummate, care lives. There always are joy and close affection on the picture, straight ooze popular feeling. The breathed happy eulogy on this kind of Internet is to be able to span any nations, country, the age, of language and religion, love and happy resonance are evoked in heart of the person that visit, it is the edge tool of businessman sale consequently.

In net of clean of big China treasure (on Www.pg.com.cn) , set " about Bao Jie " , "The product introduces " , "News center " , "" of treasure clean invite applications for a job, "How to contact treasure. The column such as clean " , still concern the link at website of Bao Jie of world each district at the same time. In navigation structure, the specific content that the understanding that we can be clear about goes to to fall to each column is in product introduction, set wash hair protect hair product, healthy things, fabric lives in things, the baby nurses product, the column such as product of woman health care, these columns all carried out " principle of " of a piece of paper, with " one frame screen, a picture, one Duan Wen " is basic expression gimmick. With one of fist products of Bao Jie yulan magnolia oil is exemple, since the catchword that yulan magnolia oil gave you green skin ” with “ 1989 enters Chinese market, be loved belle sex all the time love.
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