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Sale of Coke Cola network
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As Internet industry mature with each passing day, network media platform also is abounded gradually, what this platform backside condenses food and beverage increasingly is heavy spend consumptive group. How to choose to make the central point that numerous food company thinks with the brand that uses him promotion of network media platform and product.

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In March 2006 portion, coke Cola (China) beverage limited company and limited company of Tecent science and technology held a theme to want bright for “ by oneself, free enjoys the press conference of 3DQQ beautiful ” , both sides announces to form strategic partner concern, make brand-new 3D together interactive and online life. Coke Cola company announces at the same time, the Coke Cola Www.iCoke.cn that loves by the youth Tecent of website general have the aid of is newest the 3DQQ beautiful network that roll out is fictitious figure, upgrade in the round for China first use the online community of 3D figure.

Contain the Coke Cola ad of 3D figure figure

Contain the Coke Cola ad of 3D figure figure

This has those who abound space of the recreation on mobile content and the net that behave way to build, no matter have the great sense of milepost type to Coke Cola or Tecent, and the sale bow wave that it brings is your industry sidelong glance more.

Cooperative genesis

The youth is a very important part in Coke Cola locates in the market and be being popularized all the time. Coke Cola can discover the life style that they like and habit ceaselessly, for example sports, music, travel, vogue, still network life is waited a moment. Since 2005, as with century of couplet of 9 cities, day, associate the collaboration that wait, network sale becomes Coke Cola to rectify the grand opera that closes sale gradually.

Contain symbol of Coke Cola brand and colorific QQ skin

Coke Cola explores breakthrough and innovation all the time on integrated sale, also favor on the choice on network sale platform the outstanding media that innovate at paying attention to and interacts.

It is early before the press conference, coke Cola and Tecent had the effect that cooperate and obtained ideal mutiple levelly. Coke Cola discovery, tecent is had not only network media is at present medium the giantest young user group, the square field surface that 360 degrees of services that its perfect ceaselessly also had lived to the youth deep. No matter be the brisk rate of the user, still be its resource platform for example pet of QQ show, QQ, Qzone is very distinctive with what have innovation sex. The network sale activity of Coke Cola and these suffer content of youth gay network to undertake grafting, and not just confine puts in in pure advertisement on, think in relaxed and happy environment falls to be reached with consumer just about communicate, delivering popularity, the goal that happy content achieves a brand to popularize at the same time.
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