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[network sale tutorial] network sale idea is whole edition
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[net of Chinese network sale] overview
Network sale (On-lineMarketing or Cybermarketing) full name are a network straight answer sale, belong to straight answer a kind of form of sale, it is the result that photograph of company sale practice and technology of contemporary news news report, computer network technology combines, it is to show the enterprise is a foundation with electronic IT, all sorts of sale activities that have for agency and method with computer network (include cent of sales promotion of development of new product of network survey, network, network, network to sell, network service) floorboard.
Network sale website of the first information: WWW.NETWIN123.COM

The network sale of broad sense

The synonym of network sale concept includes: Be on sale of the sale on the net, Internet sale, online sale, network. What these vocabularies say is same a meaning, say generally, network sale is the sale activity that develops for main measure with Internet.

Network sale has very strong practicality feature, discover the common method of network sale and law from inside practice, more practical than discussing emptily theoretically. "Assemble of " Netwin123 of net of Chinese network sale newest the most complete the most perfect network sale information. Accordingly, how defining network sale is not the most important actually, the key is the real significance that should understand network sale and purpose, know Internet adequately namely this kind of new sale environment, use all sorts of Internet tools to provide active support for company sale activity. This also is why must value network sale in network sale research the reason of practical method.

The network sale of narrow sense

Simple for, network sale uses Internet to develop sale activity for the method namely. Network sale does not have unified definition at present, like a lot of new-style course, because researcher is right the research point of view of network sale is different, also have bigger difference to the understanding of network sale and understanding, when because this should see different book is medium,having different description to the concept of network sale, also be not worth to blame. According to the understanding of author individual, always be the sale activity that the method develops with Internet, can say for network sale (also call the sale on the net, Internet sale to wait sometimes, area of Hong Kong and Taiwan calls network be on sale more) . In an article 2000, the author is network sale definition:

“ network sale is a component of strategy of enterprise whole sale, to realize an enterprise place of overall management objective undertakes, build what the environment manages on the net for basic measure with Internet all sorts of activities. ”

Published in January 2002 " network sale foundation and practice " (the 1st edition) with what published in October 2004 " network sale foundation and practice " (the 2nd edition) in, all continue to use this one definition, also discover at the same time a few otherer book and research article are much also related network sale cite this definition, it is certain to see definition of sale of this one network have representative, in the environment that emphasizing network sale practicality especially, this one definition has conviction quite.
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