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Sale of new field network?
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[net of Chinese network sale] ” of company of “ Wuhan new field is early be shot by Chinese government!

< company law of People's Republic of China > the 7th regulation: The company that creates lawfully, by the company the mechanism that register grants company business license. Company business charter signs and issue date to establish date for the company. The title that company business charter ought to hold bright firm, abode, register capital, fact to accept the capital, scope of operations, item such as legal representative full name. The item of account of company business charter produces change, the company ought to deal with change to register lawfully, by the company the mechanism that register changes hair business charter.
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And does only the teacher tell the new field company that does not allow student query to exist on our blackboard? Be to be in Wuhan river Chinese area the Tang Cai road of Chinese mouth street 118? Be in Shandong when me this question raised to her incidentally when Chen Xiaobao of Zou city Xiang Dapei puts forward to see product of series of charming the wife of a prince, her ask for instructions spring of Liu of the member that her husband acts as agent (Hubei in relief new personality) hind, his husband calls her to send word to me not to suspect research company and product, the company has really, the old father that he gave 1000 yuan of money to be engaged in to him April goes to Wuhan investigation had seen 118 exist really, do not make a person informal go in namely, because the ordinary person cannot take a company at all, the member that act as agent only is just like him husband is latter-day certificate of the member that bringing a representative afterwards is OK and free company of pass in and out, general person station can inspect a company secretly in the doorway inside the hall the sincere word of hall. Left is personal place not desire, right is not relax at person " , he is old at that time pa past station is less than half hours to have several BMW in the doorway, run quickly wait for limousine car to come in and go out most second also be car of bridge of red flag card only, ", I lean, saying measured. . .
She explains to me 200% have product of charming the wife of a prince then, but the ability after wanting to pass into era sees, our company is not in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production basically be to prevent sham, was to make money previously 3 months give a product to need 6 months now, do not have method because of product line insecurity, supply of goods of countrywide each district is in short supply, I want to scold them really at that time. Saying word incongruous, self-contradictory, is new field to preserve one's health of a lot of minutes of factories produces health care to taste base on blackboard? They these factories do what? In Zou Cheng so great place curiums they say to have 700 classroom, but the occurrence that there is madam of product charming the wife of a prince with respect to neither one classroom on these classroom, , say the member was handed in directly 3000 be engaged in a paragraph wanting to see a sample did not see repeatedly afterwards, they still point to east point to on the west, why? Why make my Menxili muddleheaded is still cannot asking only everyday does somebody explain the less important sex of the product to you? Do they have what difficulty or the commercial secret that cannot speak out, is this the mysterious characteristic of new Tian Ren?
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