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[network sale tutorial] means of intranet wind sale (complete edition)
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[net of Chinese network sale] what is intranet wind sale after all? Does the enterprise begin network sale what to kind basically have now? The specific application of these means how? What means can the better goal that achieves an enterprise? How should the enterprise analyse oneself case, select right network sale kind? Now we with be opposite current and hep network sale means does probably narrative means, provide a few reference for above problem stage by stage.

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The end that the enterprise begins network sale basically is the function that achieves each network sale better through Internet method, to add a company sale, promotion tastes card value, enhance integral competition ability and provide support, that is to say, make full use of the management environment that network resource builds to be helpful for an enterprise developing.
We are opposite below particular network sale kind makes an introduction

Network sale means:

Search engine sale

Search engine remains the mainest website to extend one of shifts at present, be based on the search engine that searchs a result naturally to popularize especially, remain so far free, because this gets numerous in of small website take seriously, method of search engine sale also makes the main component of system of network sale method.
Search engine sale is particular means:
1 website logins
2 fixed ranks
3 contest price is ranked
4 optimize a rank
5 networks real name (current network address)

1 website logins

Entry search engine, it is to show the enterprise stems from the purpose that enlarges conduct propaganda, oneself the website refers search engine, let relevant product and service information enter search engine database, build the opportunity of connection in order to increase through Internet with potential client.

Searching engine is the website that offers information inquiry technically. They are to pass the website that goes up to Internet to undertake retrieval mostly, collect pertinent information from which, build giant database thereby. The user is OK the very convenient written language with pass an input certain, search any needs data, also include all sorts of products and service information of course among them. Because saw the commerce that searchs engine uses value, more and more enterprises regard main network sale as the method entry search engine, and obtained better propagandist result.

2 fixed ranks

Securing what body of rank search rigging points to is to be in when the user undertakes the keyword is searched, the fixed position that the website of advertiser will appear in page of keyword search result (place) , pay advertisement fee according to the price of predefine. Fixed rank search is a kind of more traditional search ranks means, relative to Yu Jing valence is ranked and Yan Jian accuses the effect and flexibility to be deficient in quite.
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