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Network sale tutorial] how does the enterprise make contest price advertisement
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[net of Chinese network sale] defect of contest price advertising and his advantage is euqally outstanding, that is operated namely and management is relatively intricate, need certain professional knowledge. Current, enterprise of the great majority after domestic company is buying search to all alone engine contest price ranks a service is to give search engine serves agential government. The reason is, the enterprise does not have technical qualified personnel, the malady of this kind of means is clearly.
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On one hand network service provider just is familiar with unit process of cargo bandling, the client of the service is numerous, the individual character case that far from possibly energy knows a business, undertake those who have specific aim put in thereby adjust with strategy. On the other hand, of network service business profit origin is the amount that company ad spends. What because this is theoretic,make sure advertisement is devoted hard is reasonable put in and put in effectively.
Actually, unit process of cargo bandling of contest price advertising is very simple, search contest value serves business to also offer such grooming commonly. The main factor that block up enterprise uses normally is the company holds hard whole put in strategy and means, be opposite below whole put in strategy to offer a few basic principles and train of thought.

One, without optimal program, only what suit enterprise oneself most put in strategy.

Position of the district of the enterprise, industry, market has each etc different, use an unified standard pattern impossibly, but the thing that still has a lot of general character is remarkable. Work of the following fields should have done before preparation carries out contest price advertisement to put in:

1. undertakes thorough analysis to his enterprise:
Understanding and characteristic of analytic company oneself basically traverse following a few fields:
The product characteristic of ☆ enterprise, industry raises a point: Is the large bamboo hat become old Xing and suffer from large bamboo hat of  of artful  of reason of pray of large bamboo hat of the  that bow with hands clasped to  to carry Cui of pry of rich friend of uncut jade of  of  of  of thirsty artful  to take an examination of the Huaihe River of dispatch of   reason to mail Jian of  of Mu of  of  of confused of chloric the Kingdom of Wei to push a large bamboo hat to carry Zhang of  of the thirsty Xing that owe Ti  ?
Will tell commonly, the rank of company of production of an industrial product is not certain must be in home page. For instance Yahoo searchs home page to have the place that 4 contest price ranks only, appear in the 2nd page, even the 3rd page obtains better result possibly also, because, the enterprise is purchased often like more thorough goods to compare 3.
And individual consumable or service business may be more sensitive to the position, than consistent home rank advertisement must strive for the contest price of remover to appear in home page, the effect of the 2nd page should be differred a lot of, because content of this industry technology is not high, the price and service content difference are not big, the time that makes a decision is opposite shorter it is easy to mix. be discovered by the client for a short while and attract word of client horse electrify to seek advice become reach clinch a deal the crucial factor of intent.
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