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101 index of a perfect website
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[net of Chinese network sale] 101 index of a perfect website

The most interesting profession on the world is website stylist, someone calls value for his work 5000 U.S. dollors, somebody 129 U.S. dollors go, and a lot of people do not look to give this both difference at all, I had seen stylist of Freelancer of a Canada, there is a quote system on his website, you can choose your budgetary limits, among them a the smallest option is 2500-5000 U.S. dollor, and in Craigslist (Www.craigslist.org) go up, the website stylist of 100 U.S. dollors cans be found everywhere. If you read Alistapart (www.alistapart.com) , can know whats top stylist is thinking all the day, they are fussily simply, for a few subtle things truer, the person with ideal pursuit theres is no lack of on this world, and perfect do not exist, then everybody is done at random, the website is a kind of such products, its consumer thinks is the thing of too high to reach, trifle is like in what the likelihood in architect eye inspects, its doorsill is such low, and real good work is such difficult. China has 1.3 million website, they

Or had never been updated,
Or contained many technology error,
Or presses a root to cannot be visited in the 2nd kind of browser,
Or is abandoned thoroughly by search engine,
Or is horrible,
Or lets a person feel do not wear brains,
Or is attacked can defeat,
Excessive design must resemble or erupt door,
Or is so pallet that or resemble careless station team.

" 101 index of a perfect website " the commonnest problem in be being designed in the light of current website, from content, use a sex easily, design, safe, function, w3C standard, SEO7 respect, analysed the quality that a perfect website should have.

Making up write " 101 index of a perfect website " during, resource of the following network ever gave me great help and inspiration, thanks here.
1.ALA, a few technology essay that design about the website (Www.alistapart.com)
2.W3Schools, the technical website of an accurate and authoritative W3C respect (Www.w3schools.com)
3.Blueidea, the website related domestic W3C and design (Www.blueidea.com)
4.Joomla, system of the most elegant CMS opening a source (Www.joomla.com)
5.Clexus, I am more than the inspiration that to here theft designs a respect (Www.clexus.com)
6.24ways, nod about the technical station of design and standard field likewise, stopped to update after end 2006 regrettablly (Http://24ways.org)
7.456bereastreet, about the design, the website that uses gender and Web level easily (Http://www.456bereastreet.com)
8.CSS Zen Garden, a test site about CSS, see CSS can help people what realize (Www.csszengarden.com)
9.CSS Beauty, alexandrine (Www.cssbeauty.com)
10.31three, had said before me, have price the Freelancer stylist of 2500 U.S. dollors, I also the inspiration that theft crosses him (Www.31three.com)
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